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Thursday, May 27, 2010


New song sang by Maulana of Akademi Fantasia 8.
Written & composed entirely by Edry Abd Halim.
The lyrics are seriously corny but the melody is very nice, Winter Sonata like ;)

"Kali pertama ku melihat hati sudah rasa terpikat
Bila kau membalas senyuman
Ku berkhayalan
Kita berdua jatuh cinta
Kau milikku dan ku kau punya

Tapi di dalam realiti belum pasti
Ku pinta kau répondez s’il vous plaît
Jangan biar ku fikir ku bertepuk sebelah tangan
Ku rayu kau répondez s’il vous plaît
Agar dapat berakhir angan yang mengganggu fikiran"

It's 4 in the morning.
Cranky and haven't completed the Minutes of Meeting -___-"

Ahhhh well

Ps.  RSVP = Répondez S’il Vous Plaît.  Only now I know, HAHA.  It is French which simply means Please Respond :)  Oh how cute

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Notice that new header of mine?
That ugly, crowded, vain much, no art skill, messy new header of mine?

I'm just currently cranky.  That's why
Plus the fact that I really don't have any creativity ;D

Whatever.  I'm going to make the header stay!

Ahmad Shahir Zawawi

Nama:  Ahmad Shahir Zawawi
Nama panggilan:  Shahir
Tarikh lahir:  5 September 1988
Tempat lahir:  Hospital Besar, Ipoh, Perak
Tinggi:  168cm
Berat:  65kg
Status:  BUJANG, ehh ehemm ;D


Tak perlu ucapkan sepatah kata
Kerna lantang terbaca dari muka
Kau dan daku sudah tiada
Keserasian di jiwa
Mungkin magisnya sudah hilang

Tak perlulah kita mencuba lagi
Betulkan kesilapan perhubungan ini
Bila setiap perbincangan
Menjadi perbalahan
Manakah agaknya cinta pasti

Embun pun takkan mampu menyubur sekuntum
Bunga yang layu pada musim luruh
Yang dulunya mekar di sinar suria
Bila sudah kering pasti akan gugur

Seperti cinta kita yang jelas ternyata
Semakin lama oh semakin rekah
Menimbulkan tanya, apa mungkin kita
Temu kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan..

Tiap titis air mata kau tangiskan
Ku dah cukup menampung selautan
Begitu lama ku pendam
Tapi hanya berdiam
Kerna cuba menafi realiti

(ulang chorus)

Kebahagiaan.. dalam perpisahan..

Whaaaat?  Suka hati lah!  :D

Wake Up Call

I just realized that I always write all mixed up posts contents!
I need to find some consistencies.  Some uniformity.

- - - -

Oh, what the heck.
Kick Ass rocks ma ass!  HAHA woot woot
Nak jadi macam Hit Girl boleh?

Hell no -___-"

And I hate you gay-ish Red Mist!  Booooo.  HAHAHA.  Sorry Yo :D

Ps.  I want you, to KICK ASS!  Pffttt

29th March 2010

That's the date for my last PUBLISHED blog post.
I repeat, PUBLISHED.

Which means I have written some craps but they have never gotten the chance to be famous, to be read, & to be appreciated.  Heh

I am currently listening to Wali Band - Orang Bilang.
Google it, you'll love it ;) Because I know I do!
Whaaat?  I like them.  Like, seriously.
I have all of their 3 albums!
My dad influenced me okay, just like every other Indonesian bands.
My dad does not only have great management, public relation, etc. etc. skills, but he also possess good taste in music with great & meaningful lyrics.

I've been living with guilt, shamefulness, hatred, & some other negative values for the past few months.
I always screw up big time & never get the chance to fix it neither to learn anything from it.

I am the type of person who embraces good memories & rarely remember revenges and betrayals.
When I stated this,

"I am not the type of person who can just simply let go of the past. I'm sorry, I just can't."

Basically what I was trying to say is that I am still holding on to our memories.
I haven't thrown away our pictures in the purse, I still keep your passport-sized picture, I keep your name in my contacts the same way (even though yeah I know our friend changed my name in yours), & most importantly I still let the ticker thing counts our days together.

I was scolded by a friend for making the same mistake again.
I guess it just serves me right.

Oh dear particular new person, 
please understand my situation.
I don't have the guts hurt you.  I have truly convey my lack of interest in you, why can't you realize that?
I really appreciate for whatever you have done for me.
But honestly, I have to stop hurting everyone who loves me~

Ps.  He marked his territory since the past 4 years, please don't blame him. You can't just come here & trespass his highly guarded fence around my heart.  But oh beby, I will I promise I will let go of you & move on if that's what you want . . .  And only then I can remove that ticker thing :)
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