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Thursday, December 30, 2010



You're never gonna tell them, aren't you?

That figures.



Monday, December 27, 2010



Benar lah manusia hanya akan kembali kepadaNya bersungguh-sungguh meminta beribadah wajib mahupun sunat sentiasa tatkala musibah menimpa.

Oh jelas aku lah dia.

Bimbinglah kami ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan ini.



Friday, December 24, 2010


Aku rasa kalau dapat turunkan 5 kg dalam tempoh kurang sebulan dan mampu memakai dan melucutkan jeans tanpa perlu buka butang dan zip adalah satu pencapaian yang boleh dibanggakan biarpun tanpa usaha keras bersenam kan?

Eh, ke tak boleh?  Hehe.

Ok Nurdiyanah Md Yunus, 15 kg to go!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My E.

Reading back some of my old posts in this blog, reminiscing.

When did I start losing my enthusiasm in writing?
Where have I dropped it?
What happened to it?
Why did I stop writing in such way?
Who stole it from me?
How am I going to get it back?

I used to write honest & straightforward entries.
I guess it's true that people change over time.

Not that I'm afraid to tell the truth to people.
Maybe some things are better left unsaid.  No?

But hey, change is good :)
Trust me.


Wuuuuu, nak salahkan siapa kalau malas minum air?
Nak salahkan siapa kalau diet tak seimbang?
Nak salahkan siapa kalau sakit tekak?
Nak salahkan siapa kalau migrain?
Nak salahkan siapa kalau tak dapat borak sebelum tidur?

Salahkan diri sendiri T_T

Tak cukup air + tak makan
---> (Teran) Sakit tekak + Migrain + Orang tua dah tidur

Grr.  Ahh tak faham sudah

Malam :(

Saturday, December 18, 2010


25 minutes passed since 2.
And you're still not home.

I want you, my lullaby.

Friday, December 17, 2010

For A Lifetime.


I feel bored to not write anything in this blog.  While others constantly updating theirs with current updates of their lives, I just lay here lazily in front of my laptop which I am positively sure has not been shut down since the past couple of weeks.

Being reminded by Yusry that I've only got approximately 2 weeks to be here in Shah Alam before off I go on to continue my life in the 'dungeon', somehow disturbed me mentally & emotionally.  I loved the current routine of having to cook sometimes, send & fetch the brother, going grocery shopping, going to the market, meet up with my loved one.  Having to let it all go at once, once again, is a major happiness / joy killer.

The old guy ;)

Nevertheless, I can't lie that there's a slight enthusiasm in me to proceed with my studies, in which there is only a year & a half left until I complete my Bachelor, insyaAllah.  With a huge plan made together laid in front of me, I must say that I'm looking forward for the next 2 years :)

I do feel quite triggered to maintain my pointer for Alhamdulillah, I managed to score well, even though honestly the result is beyond my expectation.  Major gratitude towards Allah s.w.t, my parents for the never-ending support & encouragements, the lecturers who all of them by far have given me the knowledge needed whether they are course related or something waaaay out of the topic ;D  I owe you guys big time.  My siblings are my clowns, the friends who helped me from the very beginning, a friend who constantly being my study mate since the last semester & Yusry who came into the picture the very last minute with me being unconscious of his superior motive ;)  I love you guys.

For everyone who truly believed in me :)
Yes, I didn't manage to maintain the flat thing but I deserve this.  Serves me right for not falling in love with the 'Reading & Critical Thinking' subject.  Got an A- for that course.

See the resemblance?
Enlarge the picture if you must!  ;p

Will attend a wedding reception tomorrow with Dyda.  Struggling to forget the strong feeling of 'missing' that person.  InsyaAllah finally meeting up with both Ain & Faezah on Monday.  Have to buy new shoesssss for mahselfff :D  Haven't fulfill my promise to go shopping with dearest sister, 'Aliyah.  Oh mum & dad safely returned home from accomplishing the fifth Principle of Islam with the huge number of family members gathered to welcome them home at KLIA.  Only now I know how much my face was copied from my father's -____-"

Getting fatter each day.  Must . . . go . . . on . . . a . . . strict . . . and . . . healthy . . . diet!

Blah blah blah.  I babbled too much.  Kinda missing the privacy I have in my room at Teratak Selasih in Dungun, hehe.

Till then,
salam & take care all.

Ps.  Happy 20th Birthday Fatin Nabilah Malek!  :)  I miss you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Body Mass Index

Jangan gelakkan aku kalau aku ada impian nak turunkan berat badan.
Semangat ada usaha takda pun tak cantekkk jugak en.  Runsing bila kiraan Body Mass Index (BMI) tak memberangsangkan.  Siap cari tips dengan bantuan Encik G.

Ya, saya tak mahu tersiksa.  Ho ho

Jumpa beberapa link macam best.  Mari tonton, eh baca.

Adakah aku mampu lakukannya?
Tunggu lagi 2 tahun.  Cit, tak bersungguh langsung set target lambat-lambat -___-"  Oh well

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ahh, lapar di tengah malam.  Mana nak cari solusi kuruskan badan secara mudah, efektif, berkesan, cepat & murah ni -__-"

Abaikan.  Mari tonton gambar

Cinta hati kasih sayang pengarang jantung intan payung.  Muhammad Faris Aiman, Nur 'Aisyah Raihana, Nur Aimi Farihah & Nur'ain Hanisah.  Mari tonton lebih lagi di LINK ini :)  Selamat malam semua
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