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Thursday, June 6, 2013

So far so good . 2

continued from previous post . . . 

November 10th, 2012
Beautifully arranged, we chose 10.11.12 to finally get married, exactly nine months after our engagement in February.  The plans were made with the consent of both families of course.  Actually, we laid out our future life plan draft long beforehand, even at the beginning phase of our friendship as jokes which in the end, most of them were made true by Him the Almighty :')  I'll save our love story for another entry insyaAllah.  Our akad nikah ceremony went smooth and I was officially Yusry's wife on that day with two lafaz.  I'd dare say our reception was very simple.  However, I must seek forgiveness from some of my friends who came on that day and didn't receive quite a courteous hospitality.  Thanks tho to everyone who came  :)

I'm blessed  :)
The akad nikah and reception of my side were held on the same day at my parents' lovely cozy home in Topaz, Shah Alam.  The reception theme was Pinkie Peach, I think?  Haha. 

Tangga rumah jeww.
And oh, we also had our outdoor photo shoot session done at a small park located close to the court.  Our official photographer was Hariz Yusuf.  I don't think he updates his blog anymore so most of his masterpieces can be viewed here.  More photos can be viewed on my Facebook page, if you can find it ;)

We're not as romantic.  Strictly for photo shoot only :p

November 17th, 2012
Early in the morning, my husband & I were all set & ready to go for our post-wedding photo shoot at Setia City Mall's park as arranged with our photographer.  We were lucky enough to finish the shooting early since at the tip ending of it, the rain started to fall.  Aggressive by seconds!  So we continued some of the shoots inside the mall instead.

Uuu so both of us are so fair, pfft :p
During the rain.

Back home some time in the afternoon, I had to start packing for a few days stay at my in-law's house in Meru since we'll be having another two receptions there later that night and the day after.  Boy I was really nervous.  Regardless of that, I managed to went through things and we were also celebrated lively.  Had to sing hubby a birthday song that night since it was his birthday -___-"  Malu gila wa cakap sama lu amendeee tiba-tiba nyanyi kat public.  My lovely boy turned 28 that day!  No official photos were taken on the 18th, lagipun simple simple sangat majlisnya just to celebrate neighbors, friends, and relatives in a simple ceremony.  I wasn't even wearing proper wedding attire, veil pun malas pakai.  Hehe.

So fugly  T_T  Happy birthday husband!

~ ~  Ouuukay, those were all about my special days I think.  See ya next time!  ~ ~

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