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Thursday, January 26, 2012

On time? What's that? Bull!

Kalau kau rasa tekanan kenal orang yang tak reti menepati masa, 
kau patut bercinta dengan boyfriend aku.

Boleh bunuh diri menunggu  (hiperbola).


Monday, January 23, 2012


Orang sekarang lebih prefer blog yang tak reti mengeja dan bajet-bajet saja memang motif setakat nak berlawan follower tanpa ada pengisian yang boleh dibuat berfikir dan dikongsi bersama.  Apalah nasib blog berkualiti seperti Mencari Identiti (ok, perasan gila b*b*!) ni?  Entah.

Takpalah.  Janji jangan blog tu mempunyai pengisian berunsur fitnah dan caci-maki.  Setiap penulis ada cerita mereka dan cara meluahkan serta perkongsian yang tersendiri.  Kan?  :)

 Ps.  Aku nak cuba share link blog aku at least sehari sekali lah kat Facebook.  Ok tak?  Pffftt


Different Generations .


Posting as many entries as I can (even though they're not interesting, yes I know) since I still got the time before I start my practical training on January 30th until February 29th.  Not to say that I will not be posting anything here during that period, it's just that I'm not counting on it -_-"

I'll be an intern insyaAllah at Agensi Pekerjaan Intelek located in Section 20, Shah Alam.  May take more or less 10 to 15 minutes or maybe more depending on the traffic.  Pray for me that I'll be just fine there!  Getting more nervous as the day approaches.  My working hours will be from 8:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.!  Gaaah~  T_T

- - - -

I'm currently seeing / getting to know a man who's 7 years older than me in which the generation gap can be clearly seen there.  He's from the 80s & I'm the 90s kid :)  Not that I would like to talk about him actually, it's just that I realized that there are so many things in between our ages.

Source:  Google Images.

Every generation is special in its own way.  We can never or we SHOULD NEVER judge our parents or the grandparents as old-fashioned or conservative because what they didn't see or have what we had now.  Honestly I found some of their extinct traditions quite fascinating too.  What we should do is to tolerate with each other and try to share and learn together (i.e. the Internet, of course).  All of us are interdependent of one another.  Youngsters today learn from the elders past and the elders need to be updated with the latest trends ;)

My relationship with Sir Y allows me to befriended with nice people ranging from my age, 21 until 31 more or less.  We were once invited by his best friend since high school to come over to her house simply to have lunch and she cooked nice meals.  We just sat there at her house, eating, talking and sharing, cleaning afterwards for hours!  Well call me archaic but I like that.  It looks more, I don't know, erm . . mature perhaps?  Feels comfortable too.

No offense anyone but I found my generation's culture is not that . . oh well, interesting.  Maybe I'm just a little bit more of an introvert than an extro but honestly, I don't really fancy the idea of hanging around at malls or restaurants or cafes for hours laughing out loud until people look at you in their most annoyed expressions and until late at night.  The restricted social limitations among genders scare me (it really does!).  And it's also a waste of money for someone like me who still depends on the accounts of my parents >.<  Currently saving for my future, well who knows when I might be needing them.

Seriously, I don't even know where this entry is actually heading.  No misleading perceptions here please.  Just, erm oh well, let's just mind the gap difference shall we?  :)  And learn to respect.

Source:  Google Images.

Ps.  Alhamdulillah lucky me Sir Y's interests & mine didn't clash that much .  Pheeww~


Cancer .

Had a recent loss in the family. My aunt (dad's little sister), fought cancer until her last days. She's someone who made a huge impact in most of our lives. She's friendly, funny, cheerful, and all those sorts of heartwarming criteria a person could have.

To be honest, I really do not know how to put this together. How her loss has made me think, ponder, about so many things. How long could anyone of us live? No one could tell right? How did we treat the most precious lives that have been bestowed upon us? Have we filled them with ibadah and all or are we still not aware that these are all temporary? The hereafter is what's real, what's permanent, what have been promised, what's coming . .  soon enough.  Are we ready? Astaghfirullah al'azim, because only He knows that I'm not ready. I'm trying but . . oh well, humans. With all sorts of excuses. Let's pray to be better slaves to the Almighty, Allah s.w.t.

Their family portrait during the last Raya celebration.

What I faced are nothing compared to the struggles my cousins went through.  The deceased left 3 children; the eldest is married, a woman, & a man just my age.  Hope they'll always be strong.  They are currently taking care of our grandmother in Melaka.  May their good deeds come with sincerity and they will be rewarded insyaAllah.

Oh btw, I watched the 50/50 movie.  Truly inspiring and heartwarming.  Made me cry :')  Learn to appreciate, people .

Ps.  Al-Fatihah for the late Hajah Salmiah binti Hj. Md Said.


Pashi pashi .

Tekanan masih tak reti pakai pashmina yang panjang dan lebar iteww dengan cantik, kemas, tak menampakkan jelas berwajah bulat, dan menutup dada sepenuhnya.  Sekarang semua bajet-bajet cantik padahal dada tertonjol (eh?  kasarnya . . .) belakang terdedah.  Hmph.  Ada link tutorial menarik tak kawan-kawan?  *mengeluh*

Ps.  Ikan patin masak tempoyak ayah beli kat Kuantan semalam sedap gila.  Oh randomnya   -___-"

Dust Bunnies !


*tiup tiup*lap-lap*


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