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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Iri hati,
pilih bulu,
hasad dengki,
kedekut ilmu,
cepat melatah,
minda tertutup,
bermuram durja,
menyebar fitnah,
bermasam muka,
pencetus konflik,
fikiran yang sempit,
semangat assabiah,
profesionalnya tiada,
tiada kualiti tersendiri,
bermusuh sesama saudara,
tidak boleh melihat kejayaan orang,
malas usaha tapi hasil nak berganda.

Oh sampai bila harus begini?
Diri takkan maju, masih kekal di sini.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Syawal 2009.
Another Eid Fitr is coming.

I'm still wondering,
what is the meaning of Syawal?

All I know is that it definitely does not entirely revolves around the joy of collecting duit raya.  Not for me at least
It is such a shame for adults from my age range still have the idea of going to their friends' houses just to boost their duit raya amount.

Apologizing & Forgiving.  That's what Syawal for

We're grown ups, yeah we need money.  But we should at least respect this upcoming month~
It is the perfect time to apologize whole-heartedly & sincerely to each other, pray that we would not repeat the same mistakes ever again & turn over to a new leaf.
But, it does not mean that we shouldn't apologize during the other 11 months!

It is not all about duit raya.

Let's face it, we know that we didn't 'collect' enough 'pahala' during this entire Ramadhan.
So why bother for duit raya?
Shame on us.

Be thankful for whatever has been granted to us.
There are so many unfortunate people out there!
What we have today is way too good from what they could at least imagine.

Think about it.  And that's why we have been granted with great minds

Friday, September 3, 2010


Do you have a friend who's willing to switch places with you without being asked during Tarawih just because you suddenly got rashes due to excessive sweating from lack of air ventilation at a mosque?

Well, I know I have one :)
<3 <3

That one with the flowery bag.
From left:  Uni, Dyana (me), Amal, Ainun.
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