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Friday, August 3, 2012

When you just can't be selfish anymore,

What if things proceed the way they are?  What's going to happen to me?  My dreams?  My hopes?  My future career?  My life?  My everything?  Will the November milestone do me any good?  :')

Allah is always fair, no doubt.



Ejaan zaman P.  Ramlee sikit  :)
Alhamdulillah.  Ok, boleh kahwin.  Haha.

Subjek A+ je boleh tunjuk.  Ngeh ngeh ngeh.  Tamat sudah :)

4 tahun oi belajar Diploma + Degree berdebar je sebab Diploma tu tak grad so kalau tak pass Degree ni I got nothing!  Syukur segalanya dipermudah.

Ps.  Sekarang mari doakan konvo kami tak ganggu rancangan bulan November saya.  Terima kasih

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Babies, babies everywhere .

Looks like yet again this blog has been cruelly sent to hibernation mode.  Been busy.  This is completely common in life.  When you got so much to tell, so many things to share, yet you're not blessed with the adequate amount of time to do so.  In contrary, when you are all cozy in your sofas and clean tables, your mind tend to go all blank.  Cursing you for wasting time in front of the laptop.  Malicious, yet that's how our life tend to work most of the time.

I'm currently at home, spending my precious Ramadhan month with thy family and mostly nephews.  Just a quick update.  This year only, we've been blessed with 4 macho little angels (alhamdulillah) which contributed to 5 boys and 3 girls of my parents' grandchildren collection.  And as I speak (or type, whatever), I am currently rocking one of them (Thaqif) in his cradle.  This big kid is my brother's son.  Lookie lookie how big he is!  ;)

Muhammad Ali Thaqif bin Muhammad Fikri.

Aaaaaaannddddd he's only 5 months old!  He weighs up till 9.3 kg already!  Haha.  Explains my asthma attack most of the time :p  Even so, he is a joy to be around.  Funny kid, he is.  Love the comfortableness when holding and hugging him, I feel waaaarmmmm.  Haha.  

The next picture is to show the comparison between Thaqif and Al-Fatih Fakhri (another brother's son) which was also born this year, in the month of June (can't recall the precise date).

Happy funny kid with the second boy in line, Muhammad Al-Fatih Fakhri bin Muhammad Fadhli (gosh, this kid's name is long -___-")

Another two are my brother's and sister's sons, Fairuz and Hanis.  Oh by the way, all of the photos are courtesy of my family's Facebook.  I'm getting lazier each day to snap pictures myself.  Hehe.

Muhammad Adam bin Muhammad Fairuz.

I fell in love with this one kid.  He is the most charming baby I've ever seen especially when he opens his eyes!  He got long, pointy chin and shining big pair of eyes.  Argh, couldn't really explain.  Come and visit him for yourselves ;p

Last but not least, this one little hero first saw the world on last Tuesday, July 31st, 2012.  My sister's second baby.  He is a lot smaller compared to the picture :)

Muhammad Anas bin Muhammad Zul Azmi.

And here's 7 of them kids since this was edited before Anas was born.  

See see that sweet Adam above Abang Aiman :)

I'm one happy aunt !   :)  



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