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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Good bye 1429H.

Good bye 2008.

Good bye Mak, Ayah, Siblings, In-Laws, Nephew & Nieces.

Good bye bed.

Good bye room.
Good bye twitching light.

Good bye home.
Good bye Shah Alam.
Good bye Selangor.
Good bye holidays.

Good bye beby, Azam :(
Until we meet again~

I had great times along this year. Thanks for the memories.

I'll be back in Dungun, Terengganu tomorrow. Far far away from my family
Take care all.

and here i come, uitm :'(

<3 DyanaYunus

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kemeja T :)

I asked my brother's girlfriend to apply her art skills onto my T as well as my friend's, Azam :) It turned out to be very cute (i told her how i want it btw ;p), & i love it so much. Thanks a bunch sis Yohanis David Scott Seigmund :D Love u! & thanks for the reasonable price too.
Here are the pictures of the two Ts.


AZAM's :)

P/s; Thanks to my bro, Firdaus who posed with Azam's T by force ;p


It's already 20 minutes past 2 in the morning & i'm still not sleepy :)
Found this survey at myspace, posted by Siti Nur Aqila.
Thanks for that girl :D
Sangat membantu menghilangkan kebosanan & menyedarkan saya betapa beruntungnya dilahirkan dalam keluarga ini & betapa bahagianya keluarga saya HAHA ;p

How many biological siblings to you have?

including me, 12 - TWELVE - DUA BELAS :D

How many Step/Adopted Siblings do you have?

Are they older or younger than you?

What number sibling are you?
8th :)

Are any of them married?
tiga orang.

Do any of them have children?
tiga anak.

Where does everyone live?
shah alam, putrajaya, cheras ;)

Do you get along with your siblings?
OK :)

How many brothers do you have?
NINE ;) tatipu

How many sisters do you have?
dua saja

Do you ever wish you were an only child?
tak pernah !

Do you ever wish you could 'delete' one of your siblings?
dulu dulu lah ;p sorry weh, HAHA

What are your sisters' names?
nurhanis & nur 'aliyah fathinah.

What are your brothers' names?
muhammad faruq
muhammad fairuz
muhammad fadhli
muhammad fikri
muhammad faiz
muhammad farid
muhammad firdaus
muhammad fauzi
muhammad fahmi

Who has the nicest vehicle? What is it?
andak, sebab ada ngv HAHAHA

Do your siblings love you?
ntah, korang korang sayang aku tak?

Can you call them when you need something?
yes :D

Do they remember your birthday?
aku rasa tak, most of them kejam HAHA

Did you play together when you were little?

What mean things would you do to each other?

What is your favorite sibling memory?

Did you have to share a bedroom?

Did you share clothes?
pernah :)

Did you look up to any of your siblings?

Did you feel your siblings didn't like you?
mesti la, diorg slalu panggil aku gemuk gedik HAHA dan kata kata kasar yang sama waktu dengannya

Do you look like your siblings?
tak berapa

Do you have a favorite sibling?

Do you remember their birthdays?

Do you hang out with them still?
yes. everyday for the past month

Did you go to school together?
yes :)

Did you fight each other?

Are you happy you have siblings?
sangat sangat, sayang korang weh ;D

Will be back in Dungun on Monday. Sure will miss all of them :') Thanks abang abang, kakak & adik adikku (& my parents & my in-laws & oh oh my nephew 'n nieces) <3

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I never talked about this but it suddenly popped in my mind.
My brother saved this image as 'terbaek' (bodo punya orang)
Yeah, it said "Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 6/2009". Oh i will be in the 3rd group by the way

WTF? Tahniah? Gila aku nak pergi plkn tu.

Well, whatever it is i'll take care of this matter. How on earth can i join this thing if i'm already in university. Doesn't make sense lah, check la dulu.

So, i'll fill this exception form with my medical records approved by my aunt who happens to be a doctor :D & send it in. Yeay ! Problem solved (i hope)

Oh medical records? Yeah, i have asthma since i was 6 maybe. My dad doesn't really seem to be happy with the fact that i'm chosen. He kept asking me when am i gonna settle all the plkn stuffs.

While my mum, she said, "
Kalau dapat kat sarawak yana pergi la, boleh naek kapal terbang *laughs*" Well that's my mum, she can be cute & evil at the same time -_-"

The conclusion is,
I will not be going ! Sorry Menteri Pertahanan (or whoever in charge), you just lost yourself a great fighter *bahaha*


Friday, December 19, 2008

Past & Present :D

Comparison. Sorry Ayah and my beloved brothers (Fadhli, Fikri, Faiz, Farid). Just doing it for fun :) and as a cure for the bore. Past and Present :D

This is my dad, Md Yunus Md Said :D The old picture is a painting ke sketching (sry, idk) by my daddy's friend. Nothing really changed right? :)

Ini Muhammad Fikri :D Muka tak banyak berubah, tapi rambut dulu dia tatahaaaaaannn ;p

Muhammad Faiz :D
Look at him ! WAS so adorable & innocent looking ;p
Mulut pout, HAHA.
Present; Handsome looking guy.

The name is Muhammad Farid :D

So cute with his round neck T & round glasses ;)
Grown up to be a handsome, sensitive guy -_-"

So, there u go. I always love all of them so much, seriously guys :)

Haaa.. At least my boredom is gone :P

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Semester's Final Examination Result :)

The result's out ! I've managed to get through the site after zillions of times trying. Actually, i checked my friends' results first before mine. I dnt knw why i did that, maybe just to ease my stress a lil bit.

As soon as my result slip popped out, i cried with laughter :) God, i was so damn happy. It was a really great feeling. Yeah, like Raizulan said: "
at last terubat gak la skit luke spm" HAHA. that's so true.

Whatever it is, grace upon Allah s.w.t for this remarkable result (is remarkable appropriate?). Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat2. To my parents and those
people who have always supported me, Cik, Makcik Sham, AZAM shahrom, & relatives. Ok, so now here's my result in detail :D

Click la to enlarge it ! (duhh... -_-")

My gpa is 3.97 :) I love it. To my very special beloved friend, Fatin Nabilah, congrats for your result too. Oh oh, and my brothers (Farid and Fick) also got good results. All three of us managed to get into the Dean's List. Thanks mum and dad. My friends, the great lecturers :D

I really really hope i can maintain this result, or maybe try to get a 4 flat. I sure will try ;) Goodluck to everyone. Tke care

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sickness

I went to see the doctor earlier this evening. It was due to my prolonged or the doc kept calling it redundant skin disease. As far as i remember, it has been more than 2 months since i got this disease BACK/AGAIN (yeah, i've dealed with this thing before - mybe a year back)

In the late of November, i've seek a treatment from my doctor, Syed (he's a good one - try Poliklinik Hikmah @ Sec 7 :P). I was informed that my skin disease is called ECZYMA (haha sounds like Azima) and not as what i thought, SCABBIES. I was given 'ubat sapu' n antibiotics bcause my doc said it was a very bad skin condition. It looked like this:
This was the view of my beloved right calf :'(

During the period of which i'm taking my antibiotics, my skin is getting better. But i've finished my medication and yet they are not fully recovered. Or maybe they are getting even WORSE ! My mum's very worried since i'll be starting my new semester soon enough so she brought me along with my 'also sick with skin disease brother', Farid. So the doc gave me whole new types of medication. He looked stressed while he was thinking about my disease and the cure, HAHA. Maybe it's a new one, and I AM GONNA BE FAMOUS ! Lol :P Bodohnya.. No lah, kalau sakit bawak mati sia2 je >.< style="font-size:78%;">jaga makan and all *sigh* He even said we should rebus our bedsheets, haiyo

Better take care of your health
if you don't want to end up ugly like me -_-"

My left hand >.<

My right calf, worse :'(

Disgusting looking right foot palm.

This one is close to my right heel.

Err.. Which ugly part is this? Ouwhh... It's just my face -_-"


Sunday, December 14, 2008



Helo! I'm so glad to be writing my first blog here. it's alrdy past 2 in the morning (yeah, i knw it's still early for some), but i need to wake up early 2mrrw. i wnt to do my own laundry, plus my mum was not in a really good mood.. so i have to behave nice for the mean time

alright. cut the crap ~ since i'm in the middle of semester break from uitm, i am stuck in the house doing nothing. or maybe some... things. ahh wtv. as for tonight, my bstfren got early to bed so we stopped texting earlier than usual n leaves me with this feeling called boredness @ boredom, 'kesangapan' and all. so i stalked people's blog n myspace jst like Syad did. (haha)

browsing people's page n their pictures is fun, i mean it, seriously. yeah i like great pictures, with nice panorama n all tht stuffs. what i have alwys envied the most is those spoiled younger kids than me who alrdy have their own these unique cameras (dslr and such). i mean, some of them make the most out of tht thing while some, just pure LAME. well, i'm sorry n no offence dude (/dudettes), please tke more decent pictures and not just pure vain pics with stupid editings. ouwhhh yeah ! talking about editings, oh gdmnit ! plz.. well before i say anything i jst wnt everybody to be clear tht i am not a pro photographer or a geek designer or something. this is my blog, n well yeah i absolutely have the rights to say wht i wnt. fair enough right? :)

ok, let's continue with the topic discussed earlier. photoshop softwares can easily be retrieved or owned nowadays. it's not like it's gonna cost u over 50 right? (for the pirated one of course)

oh well, myb i have done stupid editings too with my picture but oh c'mon ! writing something which is supposed to be the CAPTION of your pic IN your picture is not cool man ! u write all this shitty stuff big enough (& long) IN your picture? i mean, why would u do that? especially those like pink-lover, cinta kamu sampai mati (wtf?). what is wrong with u dude? why on earth are u wasting your time tulis benda tu kat your pic, using photoshop instead of u can write it as your caption? well myb u were jst trying to show people how u are "improving" in editing. ok, tht's one good reason (which i made up myself so tht i wont keep on maki hamun these types of people)

for those who managed their profiles n pictures well, congratulations. for those who was like "siapa makan cili dia terasa pedasnya" .... aahh, "lu fikirlah sendiri"


*pheww* writing this thing sure mkes me hungry, haha. but wth, it's almost 3 alrdy. better get to sleep now.

so long, gnyte :) (thnx for reading)
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