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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bonggol Unta

I got this article somewhere in Facebook from somebody else's Note.
The title "Ada hadis rupanya psl sanggul tinggi tu...patut dah jd trend akhir zaman.." really grabbed my attention.

I was alarmed and noted about this matter earlier by Yohanis David because her elder sister, Suria David told her I presume.
Found it really shocking, but somehow I just let the issue pass by without having the effort to do some research as well as having the urge to make some self improvement.

However, after I came across this Note earlier this evening, I felt compelled and feeling responsible to share it with any of my blog's fellow followers.
Let it be a reminder for us woman.  InsyaAllah with strong will, effort & doa, we can all be a better Muslim :)
Take your time to read it, it is never too late to become a better person.

Please note that this article must have been forwarded a couple of times & only God knows whose story this is.

"It's a trend nowadays that many muslim Malaysian women are into the new hijab wearing i.e. wearing a shawl-like syrian style hijab. I posted on my Fb status recently stating that I too, would want to wear the syrian women hijab style with high bun but unfortunately my hair is short thus cannot tie or do a bun at all.I also received few suggestions to buy fake buns online or at Arzu, KLCC.

I used to study in an arabic-medium school and had learned that when you wear tudung, you're not supposed to show any indication that your hair is long by tying your hair really high/do a bun until men can notice the presence of your long hair eventhough you wear your cover/hijab. That defeats the purpose of wearing a hijab.However, I can't remember the hukum whether it's haram or harus or makruh.

Being curious, I googled about this sanggul arab issue and found the hadith related:

akan muncul dalam kalangan umatku di akhir zaman, kaum lelaki yang menunggang sambil duduk di atas pelana, lalu mereka turun di depan pintu-pintu masjid. Wanita-wanita mereka( isteri mereka atau anak perempuan), berpakaian tetapi seperti bertelanjang ( nipis&ketat). Di atas kepala mereka pula(wanita) terdapat bonggolan (sanggul atau tocang) seperti bonggol unta yang lemah gemalai. Oleh itu laknatlah mereka semua. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah wanita-wanita yang terlaknat”- hadith riwayat Ahmad, jil.2, ms. 223.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:

dua golongan penghuni neraka yang mana aku sendiri belum pernah melihat keadaan mereka didunia: golongan yang membawa cemeti seperti seekor lembu lalu menggunakannya untuk memukul manusia dan juga kaum wanita yang berpakaian seperti bertelanjang, menggoyangkan badan dan berlenggang-lenggok, kepala mereka ada suatu seperti bonggol di kepala unta yang bergoyang-goyang. Mereka tentu tidak akan memasuki syurga atau mencium baunya sedangkan bau syurga itu dapat dihidu dari jarak perjalanan begitu dan begini

–hadith riwayat Muslim. Hadith no 212-

I would say that I was tempted at first as I saw some women/celebraties/tv presenters looked really pretty wearing the syrian style hijab with high sanggul/bun. Sometimes, bila nak cantik, manusia selalu lupa pada hukum walaupon dah belajar.I am one of them. Bila nak buat benda jahat, laju je.
Anyway, in wearing hijab,niat perlukah menghalalkan cara? I dare not jatuhkan hukum or say that it is haram wearing the fake sanggul arab.However,at the moment, I'll just forget about buying the sanggul arab thingy."

So my dear Muslimah friends, we all know that Rasulullah s.a.w sudah berpesan, "Sampaikanlah hadithku / ilmu walau sepotong ayat"
Alhamdulillah, I've done my part.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In HD!

Tak pernah emosi sebegini tengok bola sepak.
Adrenalin gila laju.
Baru aku tahu perasaan benci pada pengadil, HAHA -_-"

Oh I find guys with lack of English skills are turn-offs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be strong, it's fine to lie

It's Your Birthday :)

Dear Azam Shahrom,
Happy 19th Birthday.

Hope you love the presents :)
Some were bought quite some time ago but due to time constraint & my difficulties in going out with you, I have to keep it first & only today I can give you even though only by help of a good friend.

I'm so sorry for bad things that happened between us.

I'm still waiting for your text message.
If I don't get one till midnight, then I know.
I'm truly, deeply sorry if the letter contents offended you.
So much to write actually, but I just have to fool myself & I don't know why.

I'll love you always.
Now & forever . . .

This is corny -_-"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Today's the day

Alright Dyana,
maybe this is the perfect time to let go.

Maybe . . .

Just maybe~
And good luck with it

Oh Student Portal

Thanks for the hours of waiting -____-"
Yeah, we really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch to UiTM Webmaster who actually made some effort to do some maintenance to the server so quickly, NOT!

Whatever it is. Mini transcript helped somehow :)

And for that,
I would like to thank my parents; Md Yunus & Rugayah. Only God knows how much I love you guys! Thanks for all the support & advices.
For the rest of the family; Alang, Anjang & Cik who replied to my texts when I was down :') You guys are the best family ever anyone could ever wish for!
My fellow friends you guys know who you are, especially classmates who gave me the strength to realize who I am & where I belong ;) It was a huge favor too. Seriously

And last but not least, to the most important people;
- Puan Siti Hajar, our Program Coordinator

- Puan Rohayati Jusoh, my Financial Accounting lecturer. We were so fortunate to have you as the lecturer! Yeah you gave us hard times with your lack of skills in supporting us positively but hey, guess what?! Your reverse psychology worked on me! :D

- Miss Shamshad Begham, my Language Enrichment lecturer. I never despise you & your tough way of teaching. I love you for that! You helped me a lot I tell ya. You're the best :)

- Encik Rosman Mahmood, Economics lecturer. I really really love you, seriously! The last time I got the marks such as gave by you was years back when I was in Form 1 for my Mathematics subject :D You were very supportive in every way!

- Madam Siti Fatimah Mardiah Hamzah, Communication lecturer. You're cool somehow :) I love your enthusiasm while lecturing

- Madam Erratul Shela Eshak, the Records lecturer. I never thought you are actually so damn cool! Why oh why we only got along right before the finals?! Gahh. Whatever it is, I appreciate & really really make full use of your advices & support! I haven't got the chance to try Pak Akop's Cendol tho hehe

- Encik Aziha Manan, the new Office lecturer. Keep up your interesting way of lecturing; by giving support to the facts with Hadith & surah-surah al-Quran that is. We adore you!

- Madam Nur Hazwani, the cutest Internet lecturer ever! Yup yup, no doubt you're the best. You bear to listen to me when I was down, you supported & helped us in every way that you can. Hope you'll teach us again soon!

That's it I guess :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tamaly Maak

Hi. Just please watch the video & focus on the Arabian song part ok?

Tengok dah?
Ok, aku suka Shahir joget tu. Biar ah!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Bila aku tengok perkembangan kau kini,
bila aku lihat sendiri kebahagiaan yang kau kecapi,
bila aku sedar aku tak diperlukan lagi,
baru aku berhadapan realiti,

apa kesal itu diberi erti.
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