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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Semester Thing

It happens that now I'm brave enough to skip classes.
Today, I've skipped FOUR classes!
Like, seriously. OMAGOSH (read in bitchy intonation pleaseee, thanks)

But that doesn't prove my braveness just yet.

Want to know why?
It's because I'm actually SICK!
So it occurs to my mind that it's a semester thing.

Every semester I'll get this serious illness or pain.
As for the first semester, I started to face this annoying skin problems which are called Scabbies & Eczema.
I even have the Scabbies at the palm of my foot.
Imagine the serious pain as I walk *shudders*

As for the second semester, my eczema has gotten worse & forbid me from enjoying a healthy lifestyle such as going on a camping (this is a lie, I don't actually want to go hehe).
Besides that, I got food poisoning & was admitted to the hospital; got injected at the butt & was injected with water after that.
Unfortunately for me the nurse was a NOOB & perhaps she had make some mistake thus left my cute little left hand with a huge & painful bruise for a day! *grrr*
At the end of the second semester, & to make it worse during the exam week, I suffered from a very bad fever.

Oh well, maybe there's a reason for everything ;)

As for the third semester, my skin up until the face part has been contaminated with eczema.
My hands are full with scars. My thighs are suffering.

My left elbow is ugly. My feet look all parched.
How much worst can everything be?!

Just last night, I suffer from food poisoning for the second time.
But this time around, it's even worse than before!
Admitted to the hospital again & was treated badly.

To be honest, I cried at the hospital last night. Everything was so scary.
There was a Grandpa dying & his son kept asking him to 'mengucap'.
I mean, it's my first time ever to see a person really dying in front of my very eyes.
I cried & tried to sleep. Not sure how the Grandpa is doing now :(
There was also a down-syndrome child kept crying & wailing & screaming as a needle was put into her hand, not sure the factor to that.
Besides that, an uncle came in with a 'buasir' & a guy with full body cramp!
The doctor just left me there to 'rest' after they injected my butt & did nothing!

Still can't understand why can't they just let me go off earlier.
Now I think I have hospital phobia.
Still hasn't fully recovered. Thank God I got the love ones with me, which are:

Nurul Akma

- my precious roommate
- for helping me getting through the pain, for being there when I vomited in the ambulance, for accompanying me to the hospital, for looking hard for porridge just so that I can eat something, for the ENO, for the Chi-Kit Teck Aun pills, for letting me to use her bed each & every time I fell sick
- for everything

Kak Long & Fatin Dalila
- the other roommates
- for helping me getting through the pain, for the tea, for the soup, for the support, for the medicine, for the suggestions, for the advices

Angah & Ain
- for the medicine, for the laughs, for the care, for the Nasi Dagang which I can't eat, for all the help, for always being there

- the helpful best friend
- for buying me food to eat, for running around to photocopy my MC, for buying me drinks, for looking for porridge for me to eat
- for everything

Aten & Zaryn

- for coming to visit me, Aten for the pizza that I can't even eat, Zaryn for the orange medicine

- for coming to visit me twice today, for making me laugh again, for giving me annoying yet true advices

Ika & Liya
- for cooking the porridge & for sending it to Nurul

- for the support & for the care

And to all those who are not mentioned, thanks for everything.
I love you guys :)
Really hope to get well soon. This diarrhea is killing me!

Only now I wish to have constipation *sigh*

Ps. Pardon me for the boring & crappy entry. The stomach pain is throbbing

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Quick One

So it's Raya.
So the holidays' are short.
So I'm exhausted.

Still, had a great deal of time with the family :)

Will be off to Dungun in around 5 hours.
Pissed, really pissed.
But I have to.

So, toodles.

Will try to update frequently.

Till then.
Much love!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oleh sebab

bosan, maka

terjawablah 'tag' hal ehwal zaman kanak-kanak saya

Nama penuh:
Nurdiyanah binti Md Yunus

Tarikh Lahir:
04 Oktober 1991

Tempat dibesarkan:
Shah Alam, Selangor

1. Siapakah nama kawan rapat anda sewaktu kecil?
Adlin Nadhirah Ghazali, Salehana Salehuddin

2. Apakah permainan masa kecil yang anda ingat?
Sep tiang

3. Kalau anda gaduh dengan kawan anda, apakah yang akan anda cakap kpd mereka?
Whatever la bitch! Eh tak tak, tipu je. KITA TANYA MAK KITA!

4. Di kawasan manakah tempat feveret anda bermain?
Jarang dapat main kat luar

5. Apakah cita-cita anda semasa kecil?
Ni memang cita-cita common budak-budak; POLIS, CIKGU, JURURAWAT, DOKTOR. Haha

6. Apakah rancangan kartun yg anda gemari dan masih ingat sampai skrg?
Tom & Jerry

7. Makanan ringan apakah yg anda akan borong di kedai?
Super Ring / Keropok Durian. Nyum nyum

8. Nyatakan seorang rakan zaman kanak-kanak anda yg anda teringin jumpa skrg?
Adlin Nadhirah, Aini Syahirah, Syafikah, Farhan Akmal, Rafiuddin Ashraf. Eh laa, kau nak sorang je ke? Lantak aku la nak jumpa ramai-ramai!

9.Apakah gelaran anda semasa kecik?
Gemuk, Yanah, etc. etc.

10. Siapa yg mahu ditag?
Terserah kepada sesiapa yang berminat terutama para Pembuang Masa di kolum sebelah :)

Ps. Baju raya dah basuh (terima kasih ibu) tetapi belum gosok T_T

Pps. Tudung raya dah beli (terima kasih ibu) tetapi belum basuh. Lagi laaa T____T

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Note to Self:

Bring along gums or sweets or anything you can chew on so it's possible to stop you from feeling sick for a long car journey!!

Ps. I'm home bebehs.. Happy Raya.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Since it's very hard for me to go online these days due to assignments, workloads, quizzes, tests, conflicts, people renting my broadband modem & all,
I decided to post as many entries as I managed to today *giggles*

It's almost 5 o'clock in the morning.
Yeay! It's time for sahur :D

But no, I can't fast.
Too bad :(

Borrowed a book from the library & finished reading it :)
The book's awesome!
Even though I can't bluff that the starting part is a bit boring, still
I love all the twists & tales & struggles & love & sadness in the novel.
Written by Dorothy Koomson, I give My Best Friend's Girl a rating of 7.5/10!

Currently reading Cecelia Ahern's Thank For The Memories.
Only reached half way of the novel & already loving it!
*clap clap clap*
The author always write beautiful stories.
Hoping I have enough money to collect all her novels *sigh*

Also read one story out of the Five Great Plays of Shakespeare also borrowed from the library :)
(what? I'm a library person you know boohoo)
The story of Romeo & Juliet.
Only now I know that Romeo & Juliet are both stupid HAHA!

Will be reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Which is ALSO borrowed from the library *teehee*
Watched the wonderful 2005 movie over & over again & just loveeeeeee Mr Darcy played by Matthew Macfadyen :D
Keira Knightley did a great job for the movie too, oh well just like she always do.
Need to go home & watch it again.
Have to give 9/10 for this one, the movie I mean ;)

Reading is fun!
You guys should try too.

Ps. I also love The Mediator series by Meg Cabot but the stupid library didn't provide the last book of the series -____-"

STUD Fetish

At first I thought it was only random girls' talk.

But two of my dear beloved beautiful & pretty best girlfriends proved me wrong :)
Somehow they put more effort & seriousness into their plans.

Few months ago, they told me their intention of setting up a blog shop.
Not long ago they said they were busy going for clothes hunting.
Up to that point, I was already impressed by the time & money they are betting on.

After months of waiting they finally proved me I'm wrong all along!
They finally managed to set up an awesome blog shop with cool pictures & nice outfits.
Plus with affordable price too!
I personally do not think they marked up the prices.

So I don't think anyone should hesitate about the quality of their clothings for I can assure you they are all 100% of great quality.
Because I know the two girls, I know how they shop.
& I know how they can shop until they drop ;)

Biggest applause for them! *clap clap clap*

Congratulations on the newly opened blog shop, the customers you already got & for getting reviewed on several blogs.

Keep up the good work girls.
Love you both,
Aisyah Rozi & Azima Zahdi!

Do visit their virtual shop when you have the chance girls,

STUD Fetish ;)


Shit happens!
And it sucks!

OH wait, that's not a very good introduction.


Hi! Hello there *smiles*
Welcome back to 'Collision of Fantasy & Reality' blog.
I'm your super duper hot & cute host, Nurdiyanah Yunus (wow! that rhymes)

As we are all aware of, it is fasting month! *leaps in joy*


No no, I didn't leap or hop or jump.
No need to imagine it or anything.

Much to my interest, even my Huayu (stands for Mandarin Language) Laoshi (means teacher) knows it's fasting month.
He always tell us not to cheat in our quizzes or tests as he says something like this,

"Tak baik berbuat jahat di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Haa sangat dibenci-i"

Yeah he talks like that. He loves to add another i at the end of the dibenci.
He loves to play with the word keliru by saying,

"So you better be careful haa. Jangan keliru ataupun keluri"

Plus, he LOVES to use the word MUJURNYA.
I know, it's nothing, really.
But coming from him, a cute & short & funny guy, it always sounds hilarious *giggles*

I'm impressed that he's okay with Malay Language.

Laoshi's alright. He is so cute when he talks about his wife, we can see how happy he is :D


This is not suppose to be an entry about my lecturer *sigh*

Actually, this entry has no main purpose at all.
I just feel like posting some words & pictures *scratches itchy face*

Oh btw, my mum forbids me to come home until few days before Raya T_T
How sad is that?
But her intention is good, I understand.
I don't want to be a major burden for my dad anyway.

I love my dad you know.

But actually, who doesn't?!

Don't really feel like going online these days.
Because you know yeah, shit happens.

I can barely understand people these days.
I can barely understand myself!
Haha, how f**k*d up is that? Zzz

The cycle for the month started late.
5 DAYS LATE to be exact.
But not worried at all, it's fine now.
Feeling grumpier than ever *sigh*
Even the monthly guests are here which made it worst!

Off to Kuala Terengganu today insyaAllah by noon.
Haven't told Mum all the latest & juicy news yet.
Haven't even got her permission to travel as well.

OH for some people's information, I already have a loving boyfriend :)
The name is Muhammad Azam bin Shahrom.
You can browse through my older posts.
Talked so much about him back then, & still will

So you don't need to worry much.
I am not interested in that guy anyway *cynical smile*

*texts the husband*

He may not be as charming as your grandfather or your father or even your brother, but I love him & that's that :)

I miss him.
& I miss my family.
Gonna post lotsa & lotsa pictures of this year's Raya *frowns*

Tata for now!

Ps, Happy 19th Birthday Muhammad Aiman bin Zafir. May you have a splendid birthday, achieve your aim for 4 flat & always be gay. Take care

Pps, The pictures show my skin's 'monthly guests', not trying to seek attention or boost the followers number. Got it? NO? *sigh* Fine then
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