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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

J'adore Ma Famille ;)

For those who learns French will automatically understand the meaning of my blog title.
But I think it is clear enough & you can predict it right? :) Oh well.
It's already past 2 in the morning. I can't sleep because I think I've rest enough during the day before my block/co-curriculum.


It has been more than a week since I came back to Dungun from my beloved Topaz Mansion in Shah Alam. In the past week, the tons of assignment can't get my mind off of my family especially my parents, nieces & my room (is the room part of my family? oh well..).

I don't really know or even care what this blog is supposed to be about. I am just in the mood to write & put up some pictures. So here it goes :D

Hehe, this is my Ayah :) The name is Md Yunus Md Said. I really like this picture of his because it shows how 'nice' he actually is ;p Love you Ayah

This is my Mak. Rugayah binti Jabir. God, I love her so much. She will always be there for me no matter what, even if she can only text me giving her advices that I will never get tired of :') Thanks for everything mother

This is the eldest, Muhammad Faruq. He looks sweet & some of my friends have mistaken him for a bachelor (is this sentence correct?). He is married with two children :)

Nur Madihah is my first sister-in-law & the coolest ever. I am not shy around her & sometimes I can talk almost about anything with her :D

HAHA. This is a very weird boy. Muhammad Faris Aiman is my one & only nephew for the mean time. He can be a pain at times but I love him anyway. I like this picture of his because he made this expression spontaneously when I asked him to smile ;) Cute

Nur Aimi Farihah is not even a year yet. She got a pair of huge eyes that makes me love calling her a cartoon ;p

Nurhanis is my one & only beloved elder sister. She is 9 years older than me & just got married November last year. We may not always see eye to eye but I want her to know that deep down she is the coolest sister I ever had. (bodoh nangis) She is a pain in the butt with all her nagging & bad tempered attitude. After she got married, I feel like I really lost her. No more going shopping together & sleeping in the same room eventhough we will quarrel most of the time (god, can't stop the tears) I just don't know how to repay her. Currently I always feel like buying her new clothings whenever I see nice ones. Pendek, aku sayang kau

LOL. This is my brother-in-law, Muhammad Zul Azmi. I purposely put up this picture just because I want to know his & my sister's reaction when they knew about this. I never get enough chance to know him better, but I think he is a very nice guy

This is Muhammad Fairuz & he is a genius. Lalala. He is one my role model & he is tough in a way

Noor Asmah is the 2nd sister-in-law. Currently in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah following a course; Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI)

Firstly, this is a girl. Her name is Nur 'Aisyah Raihana & I love her the most! I used to babysit her after my SPM. Act, I got tons of her picture in my laptop but I don't know why I decided to put up this picture. She looks puzzled, haha. Syah, Cik Yana rindu Syah sangat sangat! :'( Pity you your Umi is not around.

This guy with huge hair is Muhammad Fadhli & he'll turn 24 this year. I used to make him as a driver to send me to school & other places :D He is cool!

This is my Alang, Muhammad Fikri. He is studying for his Bachelor in Art & Design major in graphics if I am not mistaken. He looks funny & fake in the picture

Muhammad Faiz likes to make my room as his own.

This is Muhammad Farid, he is in Perak & today is his birthday. Happy birthday dud!

This is my first younger brother, Muhammad Firdaus. We are close with each other & he likes to share stories with me. He is a 'hotstuff' in his school (heh) & good in sports. He can also be count on when it comes to managing the house cleanliness (acehhhh...)

This boy right here is 14. He loves magic, hates studying & has a dream to be an actor -_-" Can be major 'annoyment' most of the time. His name is Muhammad Fauzi

This is a picture of my younger sister with make ups on. She is only 12 & loves to act like a grown up. She always beg me to buy her handbags, make up & more girly grown up stuffs.

This is my youngest brother, Muhammad Fahmi. He is very hot tempered & always want to win. Ayah said he is infurity complex or something like that. He tends to get so worried most of the time even if there is actually nothing to be worried about!


  1. paling nak nangis pasal kak ngah weyh.
    agak2 syaziyah macam ni tak bile aku kawin nanti?
    ahahahah. sengal!

  2. TO PAIZ:
    haha tahi la kau. lempang kang. skrg alang pulak dh pndai bwk kwn dia tdo bilik aku! >.<

    hehe. ntah la, mst akn ade trade weh

  3. to shiera to ade trade ke ade trase?
    thx mok..ak tggu pos lju kau

  4. TO FARED:
    trase la.. alaa korang ni
    nk wtpe pos laju? adiah?

  5. ahah comel.
    cm bes gle family besar2 nie
    tp kte xnk la... :P

  6. best gila fmaily besar. I pun nak beranak banyak ah nanti bila dah kawen. haha.

    ps, your dad hensem! ;P

    haha bodoh, xde nye kau tu larat
    ala dh kate my dad kot! haha


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