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Friday, July 9, 2010

Reasons Why I Want to Get Married in My Early 20s & Have a House to Go With

Here we go.

1. I'm overwhelmed by Malay dramas revolving around early marriages & parents' choice for a partner.
2. I want to take responsibility of my own home & a man.
3. I want to cook in my own kitchen without being judged.
4. I want a man to guide me.
5. I want a man to lead my solat.
6. I want to be a young parent :)
7. I want to love & feel truly loved.
8. I want to have my own child to babysit ;D
9. I want to grow old with my children already capable of taking care of me.
10. I want to feel the adrenaline rush when my parents-in-law suddenly pop in front of our door :)
11. I want to iron my husband's office attire.
12. I want to have someone beside me when I wake up in the morning.
13. I want to share the day's highlights before going to sleep.
14. I want to lay on a man's lap while watching television.
15. I want to cook my husband's favorite dish.
16. I want to decorate our house together.
17. I want to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary while I'm still young.
18. I want to avoid doing something forbidden by the religion.
19. I want to be kissed on the forehead before off to work.
20. I'm matured enough ;p
21. I want to push myself to clean up after my own mess in my own home.
22. I want to argue to which hometown we should go back during Raya.
23. I want an older man for a husband.
24. I want to blog about my marriage life anonymously (err, haha?)
25. I want to make my husband coffee when he stays up to watch football :D
26. I want to give & get a massage after a long day.
27. I want to be able to convey my love & miss towards my man properly ;p
28. I want to fall in love everyday for the rest of my life.
29. I want to get a warm hug when I'm feeling down.
30. I want to have an argument over petty matters.
31. I want to force my man to stay up & watch Korean dramas with me.
32. I want someone to cook me porridge when I fell sick.
33. I want to feel stupid when my older-by-year husband makes fun of my lack of knowledge about something.
34. I want someone to monitor my Facebook, blog & such.
35. I want my husband to correct me.
36. I want to decorate my first child's room with my own hands; drawing mural together with the husband.
37. I'm going to buy my house Ikea products.
38. I want to hold hands while at the mall ;p
39. I want my husband to pick me beautiful clothes when we go shopping.
40. I want to ask my man to dance the night away with me.
41. I want someone to tell me that I look beautiful even when my face is covered with pimples.
42. I want someone to play with my hair.
43. I'm a pervert, tett.  Haha
44. I want to hang on to my man's arm.
45. I want to feel secure.
46. I want to hog the phone with my husband when one of us goes outstation.
47. I want to see my husband everyday.
48. I want my husband to feel jealous when I scream Shahir's name when he's on the television.
49. I want my man to help repair my tudung without hesitation even when we're in public :D
50. I'm going to try loving whatever my husband likes.
51. I want to argue about who loves who more.
52. I want to teach my husband to do house chores just so he can be prepared ;)
53. I want to wipe my man's tears when he's feeling down.

+ + Will update soon.  xoxo
- This is with the help of Munira Ramadhan ;)

DyanaYunus '10.


  1. ooowwww..sweetnye..jom kawen cpt nak??jom lumbe, sape yg kwen dulu die hebat..hehe..

  2. ahahah. boleh jugaaaaa ;D tp kau la. aku susah punyaaa

  3. mane blh surrender sblum bertarung..hehe..mcm lawan ape je..

  4. nak kawen jugee lpas bce ni! haha
    n049 awww so sweet ;)

  5. 43. I'm a pervert, tett. Haha (besarkan lagi size font ni)

  6. aten; hahah ntah kau

    ela; kan kan kannnn :D nk sgt ;)

    din; teeheee :"> jgn la malu la sy ;p


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