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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tak Kesampaian

I have postponed the posting of a new entry for my blog since last week.
I haven't got the time to finish writing it thus letting it be in my draft list :)

I'll start writing soon when I feel like it.

Here's a message to all:
"Salam.  My name is Sya'ban.  I'm advising you that my neighbour Ramadhan will be visiting you soon with his wife Barakah & two children Sahur and Iftaar.  They will be accompanied by three grandchildren Rahmah, Maghfirah & Jannah.  They will leave after 30 days by Eid Airlines.  Treasure them and InsyaAllah you will be blessed.  Marhaban Ya Ramadhan Ya Kareem.  May it brings lots of Nur in our life.  Amin."

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak everyone!
Appreciate this holy month and race to do good deeds!
Take care. 

Ps.  Most probably will only be home a few days before Raya.  Oh family :') 


  1. Tempat mencaci dan memaki. I l0ike! hehe.
    beloggg anda sangat kerennnnn! sip!


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