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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Syawal 2009.
Another Eid Fitr is coming.

I'm still wondering,
what is the meaning of Syawal?

All I know is that it definitely does not entirely revolves around the joy of collecting duit raya.  Not for me at least
It is such a shame for adults from my age range still have the idea of going to their friends' houses just to boost their duit raya amount.

Apologizing & Forgiving.  That's what Syawal for

We're grown ups, yeah we need money.  But we should at least respect this upcoming month~
It is the perfect time to apologize whole-heartedly & sincerely to each other, pray that we would not repeat the same mistakes ever again & turn over to a new leaf.
But, it does not mean that we shouldn't apologize during the other 11 months!

It is not all about duit raya.

Let's face it, we know that we didn't 'collect' enough 'pahala' during this entire Ramadhan.
So why bother for duit raya?
Shame on us.

Be thankful for whatever has been granted to us.
There are so many unfortunate people out there!
What we have today is way too good from what they could at least imagine.

Think about it.  And that's why we have been granted with great minds


  1. dlm byk2 gmbar raye (mcm nak stat teka-teki plak)
    aku pling suke gmbar raye fmily ko..

  2. hahaha bangang la. sumpa aku tergelak
    haa nantikan gmbr raya thn ni, tak meriah mana kut sbb rmi takda tp demi kau aku sanggup huru harakan keadaan ;p


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