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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Study week, much?

Hey.  Am currently at home, steal some time for my family.  Loving the routine of having to send and fetch little brothers & sister to and from school.  Tired, still no progress in revising any subjects for the finals.

See the problem there?  People these days study just for the sake of facing quizzes, tests, or examination.
There is no intention or whatsoever to learn something new for use in the future:  work etc.  This occurs to me too, well all the time.

Believe me, I have no intention of pushing myself off the limits this semester.  I just couldn't bear distress moments every time.  Currently setting my perspective to some careered woman's with children.  I did my assignments while constantly calling my niece, 'Ain just so that she won't think that she's alone & won't cry.  HAHA.  It was tiring but hey, my mother did it all the time.  And about being a chauffeur?  My dad used to do that every day when it was my school time.  I'm really glad I can finally minimize their burden a little at least :)

Quoted this from Miss Nur Syazwani Halim, a BEL lecturer in UiTM Terengganu,
"Single is not a status..It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.."

Right. I'm currently single now.  But does this statement implying that being in a relationship is when you have to depend on your significant other?  Well maybe I misunderstood this.  But hey, if this statement's true, then I'm not fit to remain single. 

Honestly, I've been telling everyone that I'm not good in juggling studies & love life.  As a matter of fact, yes, I'm really bad at it.  I broke up last April for the stupid reason of can't focus on my studies.  But I can't lie that I think about my ex(s) sometimes.  At least there's this one guy I kept thinking about, a guy whom had a perfect life now with his friends & perhaps a new girl :')  Call me worthless but that's the fact.  I am constantly worrying that I'll end up being a spinster with a high & powerful position in an international company.  HAHA.  Call me over-imaginative but this is just me

Will be back in Dungun next Sunday.
So yeah, I'll be banging my heads off on the table by then.
So don't be alarmed when you found out that I'm not around anymore ;)

I'm grabbing this opportunity to wish every UiTM students all the best in your finals!  Whatever you do, don't cheat.  You may be successful today but God knows what's going to happen to you in the future and hereafter ;D  It's your call.  Your life, your choice.

Ps.  Siapa yang post new status kat wall Facebook dia then jadi the first one to like status sendiri sangat pathetic!  Enough said.  Bye now


  1. p/s kau aku suuuuuuuka! i lap you. bye lah juliet! haha

  2. ok, just to inform blog aku dah berubah wajah. rasa macam masuk blog orang lain tiba-tiba. ok, statement sangat phatetic. bye

  3. i lap u too. wadehel juliet? asl? hahaha. ye laaa, statement meminta aku lawat blog -_-" ceh pathetic

  4. You should have looked this from a different perspective dear..This is more like a motivation so that you should not be too worried of being single..As long as you enjoy everyday of your life (^__^)


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