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Friday, February 4, 2011

What can we call it?

Blog comes from the word weB LOG.
Vlog is a Video LOG.

So what do you call blog entry full with pictures?
PLOG?  Hah, whatever ;)

Here are some random pictures.

Playing with Photoshop Filter.  Hey, I enjoyed the work ;)

Who says being nice is never fun?  :)

Usual gossiping routine?

Tilt !

The joy of receiving a bouquet.

The convo joy.

Angelic ladies.  Pfftt


The three ladies.

She just loveeeeeee cosmetics.

This . . . is . . . adorable.

Smile as wide.

Detailed pimples.

Glory times.  Heh ?

Bright kid with bright future, insyaAllah

Maryam, Ada, Jihah, Kirah, Yana, & Liya.  @ Batu Pahat <3

Wow, I didn't remember having such sexy looking legs *sigh*

Raya with motha.


2010 break of fast.

After numerous Durian eaten.

Ps.  This is what I do when I really do not want to do my assignments -_-"


  1. vlog tu mcm perli aku je. ahahaha. tp touching sbb ade aku. ahahah

  2. tak ah. dia dtg lepak makan durian. haha


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