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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Life is Like The Other.

Tipu kalau orang kata all it takes for you to achieve something is to believe in yourself, confident dengan diri sendiri blah blah blah it's all about YOU having trust in YOU

Seriously that's a complete lie.  Little that they know the loved ones play most important role in supporting whatever you do.  Even when you believe hard in something you know you can succeed in, you know you can at least try, you know you can gain knowledge & experience from it, YOU could not make it happen because YOU take your loved ones' opinions way into consideration.  You ended up trying to make what your loved ones want to happen rather than accomplishing what's more important to you.

Not receiving acknowledgement in things you do or good at or really love would actually make you have doubts in yourself.  Makes you feel worthless.  Makes you feel underestimated.  And in the end, makes you have no more guts do anything at all.  Getting scold at even demotivates you, in every way.

Getting my point here?  No?  Never mind, no life's like the other.


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