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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is random.

  • Some people are just not willing to work even a bit towards success, they only wait.
  • Dungun is still sombre for me.  Dull, boring.
  • Guys do bad mouth about others, and when they do, they're very good at it.
  • Even when we got nothing more against this other party, when they still hate you, you will unintentionally hate them back.
  • People can hardly cope with changes as soon as within an hour without still feeling uncertainties.
  • I miss his scent, his smile, his laughter, his wide forehead, his hair, everything.
  • I get annoyed so easy that I don't even realize that I'm making weird faces.
  • When your loved ones' in trouble, you'd do all you might to help them.
  • Messed up; can't think of any decent birthday presents for him.
  • Shopping is just not my game, not currently. 
  • I fell in love with his family, so I fell in love with him all over again.
  • Peeling off nose pore tape can be very hurtful.
  • I've always wanted to try contact lenses.
  • Some people just like to make stories about others, for the fun of it.
  • I miss my nephew & nieces.  Couldn't bear to kiss them goodbye last Sunday while they were fast asleep.
  • Friends can be categorized; best friend, good friend, close friend, happy friend (comes only when you're happy), work friend (comes only when they want your help), etc. etc.
  • I love babies & kids up till 12 years of age.  Teens?  They're my pal ;)
  • I want to write songs for him, describing how I feel.  But am not that talented *sigh 
  • I loathe the sight of women wearing short sleeves with head scarf (no offense, anyone).
  • Have to sleep early tonight, class at 8 tomorrow morning.
  • And this is totally random, my latest passport photo:



  1. ha..
    baru teringat..
    tak buat passport pic lagi..
    sume muka budak2 dahulu..hik2
    singgah sini..

    Jom Join MyContest =) : Contest Annouced! Mak Aih! Contest Blog Eazy Izzuddin ?!

  2. Berseri seri muka orang dah jumpa jodoh ;)

  3. medea; ahaha hidung kilat okaaay. insyaAllah dia :)

  4. izzuddin; haha. so, amek la gmbr passport k. currently busy, not sure sempat tak join contest you :)

  5. hi, thanks for stopping by :) haha, dungun kan


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