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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grammar .

I'll be frank with you.  I mean you, well anyone of my readers.

I'm not that good in English.  But I like the language.  I really do.  I prefer to speak to myself using the second language whenever I'm alone.  I pretend to express myself more and better that way.  And only my fiance truly understands that each time I'm freaking pissed off with something, I'll use English. 

English is fun.  However, grammar is not really on the same boat for me.  Despite the fact that grammar can be a curse sometimes whenever I'm writing (especially when I thought I used the correct one then the so-damn-intelligent Word underlines it green when I KNOW I HAVE USED IT CORRECTLY curse you Microsoft Word !), I am delighted to take some time to really understands and applies it in my everyday life. 

Learning English is an everyday process.  Oh no, LEARNING is our daily process.  I usually take time to read any English materials everyday.  Just for the fun of it.  Along with the purpose to increase and improve my vocabulary and word structures.  Call me a snob but I am very particular when it comes to the use of proper English even in assignments report writing.  However, it saddens me a bit that I seldom have the time to recheck and proofread most of my group assignments report nowadays.  When I go through the reports after submission I feel like cryingggg ~~ :'(  

Well, whatever it is, we should always open up rooms for improvements especially when it comes to the use of English.   Don't act as if we know everything and would not take any critics and suggestions for answers.  Hey, I can proudly tell you I scored well for my MUET but it doesn't mean I should stop learning and forbid anyone from telling me I used the improper words and incorrect grammar.  Those I loathe the most are people who would not admit their mistakes and correct them.  They will definitely repeat the same mistakes all over again but still, they are the ones who will be complaining one day when some employers wouldn't employ them because of their low English proficiency.  By that time, I wouldn't be there to say "I'VE TOLD YOU!"  Hihi.

Have great days ahead people!



  1. haha tu la. aku pun nak ngadap benda tu je la lepas bulan 7 ni nanti


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