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Sunday, January 27, 2013


(THIS IS A RE-POST FROM YEAR 2010, mind you)

I have a principle.
To never cheat in a quiz, test or examination.

It's a lie if I say that I never cheat.
It was quite like a common thing to do when the examination's in during my high school days.
Even the smartest kid in the class cheated, so why not me?

I didn't realize when did I start holding on to this principle.
Maybe as soon after I entered university?

Well, campus life is a whole lot different from the school days.
The courses got tougher, but still, I don't want to cheat.

In my context, cheating includes passing notes, asking a friend beside you, copying from a note, write down the answers beforehand on the table, text a friend during the quiz / test / exam, hide notes in the toilet and etc.

Others?  Well you name it.  I'm sure most of you are well-aware of it right?

What disturbs me the most is the fact that even top scorers tend to cheat and copy from their friends.
So what's the value of his / her 'top scorer' title?

Again, it's a lie if I tell that I never get any spot questions for the quiz / test / exam.
Yes I got it once in awhile.  But I still put my whole effort to concentrate on them before the exam, not by copying the entire details from the handouts or text book!

Honestly, I'm always stress before, during and even after the quiz / test / exam.
But I never use that as an excuse for me to cheat.
I held on to my parents' advice which sounds something like this,

"It's normal if you can't answer sometimes.  You can't expect to score everytime"

Pardon me dear friends as I know most of you did it.
I'm not a saint nor an angel.
I'm just here to stand my point.

Where's the value of your high marks if you know that you got that based on fraud and cheating?
Maybe some of you doesn't even care, right?
Well yeah what matters the most is you pass isn't it?

Heh, pity pity.  You may see it as a tiny weeny matter but believe me, Allah sees everything.
Those matters we tend to overlook are usually what actually contributes to our sin.

Doesn't this affect you in any way?

Well if it doesn't have any effects on you, you don't have a heart then.

Make a change.
Your life, your choice.
Why continue living in a life full of lies?

Now, don't make me start on plagiarism.
Oh and all the best for your finals UiTM students!  :)  No cheating this time.

Ps.  Got into an accident recently.  I accidentally bumped into a motorcycle.  Myvi's front bumper is severely damaged!

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