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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Andai Ku Tahu

Everything happens for a reason.
Problems & predicaments are the 'asam garam' of life.

We encounter difficulties that we despise so much until we don't realize those helped us discover & learn new ideas of life.
That's what I thought :)

I'm currently in a middle of situation.
Never mind telling since this blog is not about IT anyway.

My first day of finals is getting closer but I still haven't started any studying.
I am so gonna get myself killed >.<

I slept earlier for almost 2 hours due to severe headache.
Woke up hungry, I went downstairs to get something to eat.
Have a chitchat with some of the siblings, switch on the TV trying to find something good & worth watching.

Suddenly I feel like changing the channel to Astro Oasis, 106 when there's this one program called Kidung Hikmah is broadcasting or whatever they call it.
Never really have the knowledge of what the program is about but at that particular moment, Ungu's video clip is on.

It is some kind of Rock Nasyid; Ungu - Andai Ku Tahu.
I've always loved the song but have never watched the music video.

The lyrics is something about sins, death & repentance.
Kinda gets to me the first time I listen to the song a year back maybe~

They purposely use the innocent children as subjects in the clip.
We know little children who do not reach their puberty yet are 'holy' or 'suci', & even if they die they'll go straight to heaven :)

Oh oh, I love their drawings using chalks & charcoal.
& I love that little girl.
& I have a crush on the vocalist ;p Hehe

~~~~Never mind that~~~~

Thinking back to all those years, how much I've sinned makes me sigh.
I regret but I shouldn't.
I should repent,
even all of us should.

We know we want to but we simply can't!
Because deep down, we ourselves know that we're gonna commit the same bloody sins again.

There will be a day.

No one knows when he/she is going to die.

At least, we need to prepare..

In the clip, the band treat the children well or maybe they are orphans.
Yeah I know that's just an act but if we really treat orphans nicely, there's something like a reward that we're gonna get in the hereafter..

Can't wait to have my own income so that I can do good deeds & help poor, homeless person & even orphans! :D
My first target is Rumah Aman located in Section 2, Shah Alam :)
I have to promise myself.
Study & work hard to help family & others! :D

How I wish I was a little kid again -____-"


  1. heard about this vidclip. thnks to u, skrg bru nk tgk hahaha

  2. hi..adik kure rupanya..ingat sape tadi..jemputla dtg rumah kalau gi mesra mall :)))


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