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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Continuation; All Crammed Up

It's 5 in the morning! Weee~~
It has been a while since I last stayed up until this late or should I say this early in the morning :)

I've posted an entry before this; a teaser.
I said I got some stuffs to write about.
Yes, I do!

First is about The Incomplete Night.
I enjoyed myself
very much, no lie
But the thing is, the dinner was incomplete :(

The participants were only; Uda, Andak, Teacher Farys, Alang, Uteh, Me, Anjang, Fauzi, 'Aliyah & Fahmi.
We crammed into our daddy's Estima ;p

The dinner was on Andak..
Ok, 10 people may sound many by most. But, the problem is, our family consists of 20 people! 20 people I tell you! >.<

Yeah, I know it would be a burden for Andak if he were to pay for all 20 people.
I'm just saying; it would be much nicer, great & enjoyable to have all 20 of us gather together at that Shid Tomyam Seafood Restaurant in Kg. Padang Jawa last Saturday
Oh well, what to do.. Everybody has their own special business to attend to.

Still, I had lots of fun taking pictures mostly.

Sorry Cik because I know those pictures offended you & made you miss home even more. We'll have much fun during the semester break ok? :D

So here are some of the pictures we took :

Then, there's a second story :)

Yesterday (Sunday), Azam texted me to inform that he is going to Sunway Pyramid with his friends.
I was ok with it & don't really bother because I was going to accompany my mum to Giant anyway.

Still, as a good & concern girlf
riend, I asked him what's the purpose of going there, how is he going to get there and with whom he will be with. Haha
Sounds controlling a bit, I know

So, off we went to our destinations..

Later, when I was having lunch with Mak and Ayah at a restaurant after the shopping, Azam called saying that he wants to meet me

We made few suggestions & he decided to ask for Fahmy's help to send him to my house

It was raining heavily at that time. I was playing with my niece, Aimi & he called.
Our conversation was something like this; (Azam's in blue, mine in purple)

"Weh, aku kat luar umah kau ni. Tapi hujan duh"

"Erk, dah tu cmne?" (sambil risau perbuatan sedang diperhati ibu)
"Kau nak aku kuar ah ni?"

"Dah tu, kau nak suro aku masuk ke kau nak jalan?"

"Alaa malas la nak jalan"

"Ala kejap je. Aku nak bagi barang je. Ahhh, kau pakai payung je la kuar jalan. Aku tak kira!"

*papp* He hung up.

Sumpah seranah jugak ah dalam hati. LOL

Ok, so I was still holding Aimi.
Asked my mum to take her for a while but she refused, PURPOSELY!
HAHAHA ibu ibu...

So I texted Azam and told him to ask Fahmy to drive into my house compound.
So he did...

I was so happy to see him after more than a month not even a glimpse of his face! :D
He cut his hair & he looks much better than when he had the long hair. So annoying -_-"

Err, ok. So he said Hai to Aimi then handed me a Mini Toons plastic bag & The Body Shop paper bag~

Then I cried,

"Laa kenapa bagi camni? Tak suprise ah, aku dah tau apa kau bagi!"

"Dah tu kenapa? Amek je la. Siapa kata nak wat suprise"

OK, itu kerek. Haha
But it made sense anyway~

Then we wave each other goodbye & he ran into Fahmy's Atos back.

*goodbye love* Hihi.

I went back into the house & quickly opened whatever he gave me, which are:


Thank you so much beby, I love them! :D
Bersyukur gilaaaaaaaa dapat mamat ni

But my sister said something like this,
"Dia bagi untuk apa? Saja-saja la? Ni mesti orang dah terlebih duit ni"


*sigh* It's almost an hour writing this entry.
Tiring but I know I'll love the outcome :D

I can't sleep tonight. The main reason is because I've slept! Haha
I slept maybe some time past 8 earlier and woke up at maybe half past eleven -_-"
So, I've recharged my energy which I was suppose to use to study but I misused it.

Bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh.... Haishhhh~ Masak la aku
Wake up please, dyana! The final is just around the corner! >.<

Here goes the third story~
Pheeww. All crammed in an entry :-S

I am chatting with Azam & we did some stuffs that I regarded as fun & enjoyable :)
I forced him to write something nice just for keeps :D
I chose an IMVironment at YM called Buddies & we hugged each other with the avatar ;p
I beated him in the pool game thrice! Hehe
I asked him to doodle with me at YM

He is so nice to me & always follows everything I say that sometimes makes feel like a 'Queen Control'~
Trust me, I don't want to be that :(
We do argue, we do fight, we do quarrel, we do disagree
But I think that's just how lovers are supposed to be :D

Forced him to write those at his status :D
It is actually a quote from Twilight movie plus my name ;)

Let's just say I conquered the games ;p

He won only once, oh well. Should give the amateur chance once in awhile. Haha

Our doodles! :) Teeheee~ (err.. ignore the conversation please)

So, those are the stories :)
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it & do not regret for wasting your time...

Till then, take care all! <3


  1. hihihihihihihihihihihi comel gila babi kau dgn azam! korg kau aku ke? tipu gila haha

  2. asek nk ngs je zzzzz
    redemption_shyt abes sme awek add ngoratttt oh noez

  3. haha, gumbira je bce entri ni. ^_^

  4. awwwwwwwwww. everything in one entri huh? haaa.cute cute... doodles, dah lama tak doodle kat ym :))
    nak body shop gak~ :))

  5. haha..comel gle!

    azam mmg nub pool :P

    comel gile doodle korg haha..

    btw lupe plak nk tny dee pnye ym id.. oh well.. dah tau da :P

  6. TO SARA:
    yes, kami guna kau aku most of the time.
    lbh sronok duh cmtu ;D tp saat2 jiwang ttp ada

    TO PAIZ:
    bile pulak aku nangis?
    oh noezzzzz! haha. xpe, dia keje dota je nk lyn aku pn xde mse apatah lg prmpuan laen -_-"

    hihi. sy pn sronok bc blog awk

    TO FAFA:
    go go mintak kat ur bf ;p

    TO ANEP:
    tu ah psl, satu2 nk kne ajr maen pool haha
    oh a'ah, terexpose plak id kami.
    tp xpe la, sila lah add ye :D

  7. oh best gila u. free je. I cam taik dah 2 hari tak tido cutting boards. hahah. T_T

    and, wow, u and azam. whatever it is, the teddybear n cherry blossom thing is the best lah. haha.

    free? hahahaha!
    free u ckp?
    i spatutnye xde lgsg mse free!
    tapi i bodoh mls xnk study wlaupn pada hakikatnya final x smpi 3 mggu pn lg >.<
    mati mati mati

    hihi. wht to do, i got the best person what! :D

  9. aku caci ak maki
    bah..nsb baek jaie xpna mntk pape mhl dr ak
    hny ksh syg sdh memadai..ha..ha
    kem slm kt sume org kt umah
    n i mean sume org..taik a ak stuck kt perak

    hahaha. standard la duh mintak2 manja, dia terlebih baik nak beli
    aku syukur saja lah. mmg ksh syg dh memadai
    ok, insyaAllah klau jmpe sume aku kem slm kt sume

    mmg tkde niat nk blk dlm mse trdkt?

  11. ms trdkt adlh esk
    n lusa ak kne submit kje
    itu pn dkt jga bkn?


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