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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

HELLO ALL! :D (oh well, just in case if there ARE any readers <--- typical 'humble' words, ngada ngada taw! Hihi)

Whaaaaaat?! I'm just being 'humble' okaaaay by not showing thy face completely. LOL :))

Basically, I got nothing to write. But so suddenly I have this kinda mood to write ya know.

YES, INDEED! This is thy mood face.

OK. Actually, it is not the mood.
I just feel like it, eventhough I am so sleepy due to the lack of sleep & staying up until early in the morning (yeah, I blame myself)

It is also due to the fact that I know I've screwed up my essay writing in BEL 260 final examination paper -_-"
I was so caught up in my patient less self, can't wait to be home after that very last paper.
OH what the heck. Let bygones be bygones :D

A very good friend, Mohamad Thakib Radzali recently asked me to update my blog with the latest, hot & juicy news of me & what the hell am I doing during this semester break. Kekeke

Err yeah, you got me. I was just bragging much, sorry.
He only asked me to update my blog, that's all :)

It has been about 10-kinda-care-free-days since the semester break.
Time moves so fast & I hate it! (whoaaa. relax sista)
In another few weeks, we'll be back at our campuses struggling hard to get better results than the last one which only God knows when they'll be out. Biasalah UiTM, zzz

Currently trying to memorize the words of the song Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.
My brother, Faiz the modeljamban recommended the song to me.
Go go go download the song now ;)

. Honestly bro, I am not much of a fan of the song at the very beginning.
Please take note, at the beginning only!
Entah lah, mungkin mood swing with the relationship problems & all. Kanasai! Ekekeke ;p
(OK, boo myself. Just learnt some new words, heh)

But now, I can assure you that I know the words of the song like at the back of my hand by the time you got home after your finals ;)


Oh I envy the woman's voice in that song.
Cb, my pitching was all wrong you know :-S
Sendiri dengar pun sakit telinga
Oh well -_-"

Btw Faiz, these are just for you! :D

The 'tudung penyek' that you LIKE so much. Ngeee~

& & &

This COOL finger thingy that you CAN do! Teeheee~ ;D

No worries, you can beat me up after you got home.
I'm not going anywhere, HAHA


  1. mcm star trek yg last tuu
    a RING? waaaaa :-O

  2. KAU BABI hahahaha

    good la u learn that song de. this weekend i blk we play
    erghh another stupid alien wannabeee aaaa

  3. TO NUR:
    hahaha, a'ah. mmg imitate dr cte tu pn. the main reason is because my brother can't do that finger thingy! hahahaha

    ring? apa ring? yes, saya pki cincin. mak beri :D

    TO PAIZ:
    kenapa aku babi? & then that mkes u wht?! hah?! ekekeke

    ok sure thing. eleh, u jst jealous bcause u cnt do it

  4. tau x tgn star trek tu dlu kte x leh uat
    tp sbb nak jgk uat, kte ikat rubberband kt jari
    lame2 bole uat naturally...haha

    btw mase tu br 5 thn ^_^

  5. haha ye ke? so comel!
    xprnh cte pn ;p
    awk leh wt dua2 tgn ke? kte leh wt kiri je, knn failll

    oh 5 thn xpe la, dimaafkan.
    klau skrg nk wt cmtu mmg, u're trying too hard haha

  6. Forgive me, I'm trying to find my culling.
    I'm culling at night.
    Axe culling all night.
    I dont mean to be a bother but Triple Kills are just too easy for me.
    I'm gonna ask you not to leave.


    Oh kay, who knows the girl?

    I wanna listen more of her, I have been hunting this girl since... A year ago.




    Da dgr da?

    Lagu Mayday Parade.
    *skin cutters are welcomed*


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