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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Semester Thing

It happens that now I'm brave enough to skip classes.
Today, I've skipped FOUR classes!
Like, seriously. OMAGOSH (read in bitchy intonation pleaseee, thanks)

But that doesn't prove my braveness just yet.

Want to know why?
It's because I'm actually SICK!
So it occurs to my mind that it's a semester thing.

Every semester I'll get this serious illness or pain.
As for the first semester, I started to face this annoying skin problems which are called Scabbies & Eczema.
I even have the Scabbies at the palm of my foot.
Imagine the serious pain as I walk *shudders*

As for the second semester, my eczema has gotten worse & forbid me from enjoying a healthy lifestyle such as going on a camping (this is a lie, I don't actually want to go hehe).
Besides that, I got food poisoning & was admitted to the hospital; got injected at the butt & was injected with water after that.
Unfortunately for me the nurse was a NOOB & perhaps she had make some mistake thus left my cute little left hand with a huge & painful bruise for a day! *grrr*
At the end of the second semester, & to make it worse during the exam week, I suffered from a very bad fever.

Oh well, maybe there's a reason for everything ;)

As for the third semester, my skin up until the face part has been contaminated with eczema.
My hands are full with scars. My thighs are suffering.

My left elbow is ugly. My feet look all parched.
How much worst can everything be?!

Just last night, I suffer from food poisoning for the second time.
But this time around, it's even worse than before!
Admitted to the hospital again & was treated badly.

To be honest, I cried at the hospital last night. Everything was so scary.
There was a Grandpa dying & his son kept asking him to 'mengucap'.
I mean, it's my first time ever to see a person really dying in front of my very eyes.
I cried & tried to sleep. Not sure how the Grandpa is doing now :(
There was also a down-syndrome child kept crying & wailing & screaming as a needle was put into her hand, not sure the factor to that.
Besides that, an uncle came in with a 'buasir' & a guy with full body cramp!
The doctor just left me there to 'rest' after they injected my butt & did nothing!

Still can't understand why can't they just let me go off earlier.
Now I think I have hospital phobia.
Still hasn't fully recovered. Thank God I got the love ones with me, which are:

Nurul Akma

- my precious roommate
- for helping me getting through the pain, for being there when I vomited in the ambulance, for accompanying me to the hospital, for looking hard for porridge just so that I can eat something, for the ENO, for the Chi-Kit Teck Aun pills, for letting me to use her bed each & every time I fell sick
- for everything

Kak Long & Fatin Dalila
- the other roommates
- for helping me getting through the pain, for the tea, for the soup, for the support, for the medicine, for the suggestions, for the advices

Angah & Ain
- for the medicine, for the laughs, for the care, for the Nasi Dagang which I can't eat, for all the help, for always being there

- the helpful best friend
- for buying me food to eat, for running around to photocopy my MC, for buying me drinks, for looking for porridge for me to eat
- for everything

Aten & Zaryn

- for coming to visit me, Aten for the pizza that I can't even eat, Zaryn for the orange medicine

- for coming to visit me twice today, for making me laugh again, for giving me annoying yet true advices

Ika & Liya
- for cooking the porridge & for sending it to Nurul

- for the support & for the care

And to all those who are not mentioned, thanks for everything.
I love you guys :)
Really hope to get well soon. This diarrhea is killing me!

Only now I wish to have constipation *sigh*

Ps. Pardon me for the boring & crappy entry. The stomach pain is throbbing


  1. sedih baca part atuk dying is he?

  2. not sure. tp dgr mcm he's gone
    sumpa yana tkut gle nangis sorg2 ok

  3. sumpah aku fhm perasaan phobia hosp. aku kena kuarantin hritu psl h1n1 pun nngis2 je dlm tu, sumpah lonely :(

    get well soon mok!

  4. kan kan kan, macam cuak gle kut!
    thanks mok

  5. babe ! syaziyah admitted gak hari tu. operation lg u. ahahah. babe ! kenape asyik food poisoning ni? take care of ur health. bile nak mkn keep ur hands clean ok? im so worried. x ske arr dgr masok2 hospital ni. xnak lg k?

  6. wow! sbb tgn dia tu ke?
    dia ok je en? mst tak sakit pun
    aku rs bkn sbb tgn aku, mmg kt sni mknn x cun >.<
    ok babe, thanks. love u


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