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Friday, September 4, 2009


Shit happens!
And it sucks!

OH wait, that's not a very good introduction.


Hi! Hello there *smiles*
Welcome back to 'Collision of Fantasy & Reality' blog.
I'm your super duper hot & cute host, Nurdiyanah Yunus (wow! that rhymes)

As we are all aware of, it is fasting month! *leaps in joy*


No no, I didn't leap or hop or jump.
No need to imagine it or anything.

Much to my interest, even my Huayu (stands for Mandarin Language) Laoshi (means teacher) knows it's fasting month.
He always tell us not to cheat in our quizzes or tests as he says something like this,

"Tak baik berbuat jahat di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini. Haa sangat dibenci-i"

Yeah he talks like that. He loves to add another i at the end of the dibenci.
He loves to play with the word keliru by saying,

"So you better be careful haa. Jangan keliru ataupun keluri"

Plus, he LOVES to use the word MUJURNYA.
I know, it's nothing, really.
But coming from him, a cute & short & funny guy, it always sounds hilarious *giggles*

I'm impressed that he's okay with Malay Language.

Laoshi's alright. He is so cute when he talks about his wife, we can see how happy he is :D


This is not suppose to be an entry about my lecturer *sigh*

Actually, this entry has no main purpose at all.
I just feel like posting some words & pictures *scratches itchy face*

Oh btw, my mum forbids me to come home until few days before Raya T_T
How sad is that?
But her intention is good, I understand.
I don't want to be a major burden for my dad anyway.

I love my dad you know.

But actually, who doesn't?!

Don't really feel like going online these days.
Because you know yeah, shit happens.

I can barely understand people these days.
I can barely understand myself!
Haha, how f**k*d up is that? Zzz

The cycle for the month started late.
5 DAYS LATE to be exact.
But not worried at all, it's fine now.
Feeling grumpier than ever *sigh*
Even the monthly guests are here which made it worst!

Off to Kuala Terengganu today insyaAllah by noon.
Haven't told Mum all the latest & juicy news yet.
Haven't even got her permission to travel as well.

OH for some people's information, I already have a loving boyfriend :)
The name is Muhammad Azam bin Shahrom.
You can browse through my older posts.
Talked so much about him back then, & still will

So you don't need to worry much.
I am not interested in that guy anyway *cynical smile*

*texts the husband*

He may not be as charming as your grandfather or your father or even your brother, but I love him & that's that :)

I miss him.
& I miss my family.
Gonna post lotsa & lotsa pictures of this year's Raya *frowns*

Tata for now!

Ps, Happy 19th Birthday Muhammad Aiman bin Zafir. May you have a splendid birthday, achieve your aim for 4 flat & always be gay. Take care

Pps, The pictures show my skin's 'monthly guests', not trying to seek attention or boost the followers number. Got it? NO? *sigh* Fine then


  1. ooo...x gtau pon da kapel ngan azam... sejak bile? :)

    kamu selalu pulang kah?

  2. hahahahha.. jerawat di pipi !!.. thanks for the wish!

  3. aboi; hehe ;D

    aizuddin; saya tak mengumpat okaaay. saya puji dia lagi, serius dia sangat comel. tapi tak comel dh sbb esk ade test dia >.<

    ain; haha kau ni ngek la. lempang kang. saya tak selalu pulang. knp?

    eman; skrg ni bkn kt pipi dh. mrate! T_T no problemo bro, u'll alwys b my precious annoying brother


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