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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mr Darcy

I found that the labels for my blog entries are dominated by 'ENTRI SEDIH'.
*clap clap clap clap*

TETTT! I should not be happy!
This shows how miserable & pathetic my life is.
Maybe I should cheat and label my entries with 'ENTRI SUKA / ENTRI SERONOK' more! *evil laughter*

Hmmphh, naahhh.. That'll be stupid, to fool yourself.
Even the husband can't really make me happy these days, I'm sorry Beby.

I want Adam from Nur Kasih or better yet, MR DARCY from Pride & Prejudice!
So charming & cool & relaxed.
Seems arrogant yet so caring & passionate :)

"I have struggled without success. My feelings will not be controlled. You must allow me to tell you how warmly I admire and love you." -Mr Darcy.

See the difference between this line & those from Romeo & Juliet? So straightforward still the sweetness is there *giggles*

Ps. Watched few episodes of Boys Over Flowers yesterday. Proves my addiction towards Lee Min Ho even more :-*

Pps. Do view our RAYA PICS HERE
:) *clickie click!*

Ppps. I feel a sudden interest to watch 500 Days of Summer after watching the trailer. The main actor is kinda cute :D

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