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Friday, October 16, 2009


Hi :)
Oh yes, I know I know.
Noob is so overrated

Made it as the title for my post today because that's the name that have brought us glory!

Before I proceed, just a little update :)

I'm home, yes home.
By home I mean my home sweet home in Section 7, Shah Alam Selangor.

Just got here around 2 am.
Fetched by beloved daddy, the most awesome dad in the whole wide world!

It's Deepavali this Saturday and Terengganu have taken one day off the next day after the holiday which is on Sunday so yeaaaay us!
No class on Sunday!

Besides that I have only one day left to complete my Puasa 6 :D
So excited!

Oh btw, thanks dear Anas (haha) for helping me buy the Nasi Briyani for break of fast.

So, let's proceed!
Last Saturday, on October 10, 2009, my friends & I entered an explorace competition!
Oh yea, by friends I mean Dyda, Solah, & Paan :)

It was organized by OM Part 4 Students Group A, go Group A go Group A! :D
The decision to enter was so last minute because they lack of contestants, and we as juniors need to help the seniors ok!

We need to gather at the stadium at 7.30 am (& then biasa la janji Melayu)
But the race only starts at 9.00 am!

We named our group 'Noob' (whaaaat?! I told ya it was last minute)
Plus the fact that we are noobs just trying to have fun (wtv)

So we did compete for fun.
No running, just jog & laughs & play & talk craps along the 'race'.

We had so much fun!

The challenge was really challenging as we really really discover & went to places we never went to even in our own campus (sort of)

The winner of the race does not depend on who comes in first but based on the time we took to complete each tasks.
Thus, which team has the shortest time in completing the tasks wins!

Here are some of the tasks:
1 - Search for an 'alive' creature in a bottle in the river (Dyda's glory)
2 - Lawnball using coconut (Mine)
3 - Eat bread with budu & petai (so euwww even my urine smells like petai after that)

4 - Jangan lupa lirik (Need to sing Wawasan Setia Pelajar)
5 - Wrap up a friend to become a mummy (Paan's the victim since he's the smallest)
6 - Throw your shoes at a pyramid of cans (& search for the clue at the bottom of one of the cans)
7 - Go to the beach & a couple needs to find clues in the sand with legs tied

8 - Another couple need to construct their partner to score a goal with a blindfold on
9 - Catch 5 'ikan keli' with your hand (this one was fun!)
10 - 'Sumpit' an apple & eat it after wards (All of us played very important role here in EATING except for Dyda)
11 - Run towards the finishing line! (& give them all the clues & checkpoint cards)

Seriously, we had a lot of fun! :D

After the so-called race ended, we need to invent our team's tagline.
And ours, was sooooooooooooo lame I tell ya!
Totally. No need to elaborate on that.

We can go back to our colleges to clean up & need to go & gather at the stadium again at 3.30 pm to collect our prizes.
There were even prizes for consolation you know!
How generous of them ;)

Some of the other groups kept underestimate us & say that it is impossible for us to win & we should get ready to take the hamper for the 15th place = last place.
So we was like, yeahh ok sureeeeee... & just get ready because we know we fooled around too much.

But as the host announces the group numbers for consolation prizes, ours was not mentioned!
HAHA. Take that haters!

& then the questions answered.
We won FIRST PLACE I tell yaaaaaa!


Haha yeahh, I lied.

We only won the third place but so what?!
& for that we got the prize of medals, a hamper & cash of RM 100!
This is no joke.
Invested RM 5 for entrance fee & won back RM 20 each person! :D

Soooooo coooooool. We can't even believe in ourselves that we won.
Then we kept saying thanks to each other & everything since we didn't even expect anything out of the race.
I know, lame right?

So it proves that Noob isn't always a bad coconut.

I'm glad we entered the competition since we've become closer to the seniors (cute ones ehem ehem), made new friends with some juniors from other programmes & love each other even more!
Awww... Aren't we just cute?

So that's the moral of today's post.
Join a team-related competition ;p

Till then!


  1. Hahahaha. Go Noob go. Dyana, adakah anda menggoda pengadil untuk bagi anda menang?

  2. haha oh tidak. saya tidak cukup cantik dan seksa untuk menggoda orang

  3. Kata-kata saja semua tu. Nak menggoda tak perlu cantik.

  4. ok it sounded like a hell ot of fun, altho some of the tasks are disgusting and scary like eating petai and catching keli. urgh.... yucks. =s


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