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Friday, November 6, 2009


I miss those days when I'm a blog activist (heh)

I miss those days when I really love to blog in English.

I miss those days, yeah I really do. Even though I know my English is not that good.

But somehow I feel it's better & much satisfying to tell a story or release the tense by using your mother language.

I'll still write though, English or Malay whatever.
Just for my own entertainment.

I'm sorry Mak Ayah, cause I can't stop writing these 'nonsense' posts.
Maybe this is just or maybe the ONLY way I can entirely express my feelings.

But I know, I always want to win & for me others are wrong!
That's what my Ayah said, I quite agree with that.
Maybe it's a gene thing Dad ;)

Ok ok, maybe not.

But I know, people ALWAYS misinterpret me.
They judge me through the way I write, the way I dress, the way I talk, the way I put my facial expressions.

Isn't that perhaps a TOO easy way to judge people?
Or perhaps you're just trying to point out my faults?

I'm a very straightforward person & believe me, it kills me too.
Being too brave in expressing my thoughts, being so clumsy in being nice with people.
Well I just can't change.

Does it always has to be about you?

I wonder, where have you kept your dignity in?
Maybe you know how to use your shirt's pocket nicely.

I write my stories, my legacies.
And this, is my territory.

Please, stop discriminating & patronizing me.
I beg you

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