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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Your Birthday :)

Dear Azam Shahrom,
Happy 19th Birthday.

Hope you love the presents :)
Some were bought quite some time ago but due to time constraint & my difficulties in going out with you, I have to keep it first & only today I can give you even though only by help of a good friend.

I'm so sorry for bad things that happened between us.

I'm still waiting for your text message.
If I don't get one till midnight, then I know.
I'm truly, deeply sorry if the letter contents offended you.
So much to write actually, but I just have to fool myself & I don't know why.

I'll love you always.
Now & forever . . .

This is corny -_-"


  1. happy birthday, azam!

    sabarla dee. i know how u feel, dear...
    juz hope yg terbaek je utk korang :)

  2. ko pny entry lately sume nak sdih2..
    wat aku sdih je..
    sob sob..

  3. ain; haha wish sndri la. asl nk wish kt sni plak. thanks weh :)

    aten; hmm ikut mood la entri aku :') tgk ah esok lusa ceria la balik kut ;p


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