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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My E.

Reading back some of my old posts in this blog, reminiscing.

When did I start losing my enthusiasm in writing?
Where have I dropped it?
What happened to it?
Why did I stop writing in such way?
Who stole it from me?
How am I going to get it back?

I used to write honest & straightforward entries.
I guess it's true that people change over time.

Not that I'm afraid to tell the truth to people.
Maybe some things are better left unsaid.  No?

But hey, change is good :)
Trust me.


  1. change is good? i wanted everything to stay the same but feelings fade and people change
    tak bagus =((

  2. maybe the feeling is meant for somebody else. ever thought of that? :)

  3. pernah. tapi feeling aku pulak yang takde kat dia. HAHA

  4. aku tak faham kes kau sebenarnya. dungun all out!


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