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Friday, December 17, 2010

For A Lifetime.


I feel bored to not write anything in this blog.  While others constantly updating theirs with current updates of their lives, I just lay here lazily in front of my laptop which I am positively sure has not been shut down since the past couple of weeks.

Being reminded by Yusry that I've only got approximately 2 weeks to be here in Shah Alam before off I go on to continue my life in the 'dungeon', somehow disturbed me mentally & emotionally.  I loved the current routine of having to cook sometimes, send & fetch the brother, going grocery shopping, going to the market, meet up with my loved one.  Having to let it all go at once, once again, is a major happiness / joy killer.

The old guy ;)

Nevertheless, I can't lie that there's a slight enthusiasm in me to proceed with my studies, in which there is only a year & a half left until I complete my Bachelor, insyaAllah.  With a huge plan made together laid in front of me, I must say that I'm looking forward for the next 2 years :)

I do feel quite triggered to maintain my pointer for Alhamdulillah, I managed to score well, even though honestly the result is beyond my expectation.  Major gratitude towards Allah s.w.t, my parents for the never-ending support & encouragements, the lecturers who all of them by far have given me the knowledge needed whether they are course related or something waaaay out of the topic ;D  I owe you guys big time.  My siblings are my clowns, the friends who helped me from the very beginning, a friend who constantly being my study mate since the last semester & Yusry who came into the picture the very last minute with me being unconscious of his superior motive ;)  I love you guys.

For everyone who truly believed in me :)
Yes, I didn't manage to maintain the flat thing but I deserve this.  Serves me right for not falling in love with the 'Reading & Critical Thinking' subject.  Got an A- for that course.

See the resemblance?
Enlarge the picture if you must!  ;p

Will attend a wedding reception tomorrow with Dyda.  Struggling to forget the strong feeling of 'missing' that person.  InsyaAllah finally meeting up with both Ain & Faezah on Monday.  Have to buy new shoesssss for mahselfff :D  Haven't fulfill my promise to go shopping with dearest sister, 'Aliyah.  Oh mum & dad safely returned home from accomplishing the fifth Principle of Islam with the huge number of family members gathered to welcome them home at KLIA.  Only now I know how much my face was copied from my father's -____-"

Getting fatter each day.  Must . . . go . . . on . . . a . . . strict . . . and . . . healthy . . . diet!

Blah blah blah.  I babbled too much.  Kinda missing the privacy I have in my room at Teratak Selasih in Dungun, hehe.

Till then,
salam & take care all.

Ps.  Happy 20th Birthday Fatin Nabilah Malek!  :)  I miss you.

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