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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Remember 2010?

I remember it like it was yesterday ;)

Hey there 2011.
Now that I met you, it doesn't mean that I've come to forget the year before.  2010 was quite a year for me.  The dramas, the joy, the lies, the achievements were all in there.  Little baby step in front of the other made by pursuing my Bachelor early in January which have constructed major changes in my life.  Added up with the current relationship, I must say 2010 is no exception of its own specialties :)

Friendship.  Love.  Happiness.  Deceives.  Misunderstandings.  Heartbreaks.  Failures.  Success.  Hard work.   and such.  Well you name the rest.  Though it may bring along despicable memories, those are meant to be treasured and acknowledged for those who forget the past are prone in repeating the same mistake all over again.

Luckily, I have these pictures to remind me.  To remind me of how wonderful my 2010 went :)

Karaoke session.

Playing around.

Late night picnic after class.

Act wild.
Brief close friend.
Hang out.
Along came 'Ain.
First time bus ride from campus.

Unforgettable Evening.
Killer subject; financial accounting.
Mobile phone gaming during lecture.
Time out.

Brief close friend pt. 2 *I'm sorry for your loss
The craze.
Went for Teacher's Day.
Oh juniors.
First rented house ever.
Won the debate.
Hectic photo shoot.
Been nice.
Been busy.
Beautiful friendship.
Been cranky.
Worked with a marvelous team.
Tight schedule.
Dine-in Dungun's first McD.
Study week supper.
Farid's graduation.
Birth of a friend's child.
Brought these 3 rascals to the park all by myself.

Oh last but not least,
Alhamdulillah I've found someone.  Took us 5 years to figure it out.  Pray for us this will last, insyaAllah.

A Brazil fan.

So welcome 2011.  Bring it on.

Ps.  Congratulations on your engagement my dearest friend Aisyah Rozi!  ;)
       And oh condolences for Asyraf Yaacob's family for the loss of head of
       the family.  Al-fatihah.


  1. congratulation tu.. engagement siapa?

  2. oo.. dia bertunang bile? arini ke?

  3. gambar meeting tu, muka aku nauzubillah

  4. ain; haha ye la kut

    mun; ok je weh. aku yg pelik

  5. Woaw sekolah seven dulu? Hihii nice pictures. Visit my blog and leave a comment kalau rajin xxx :-)

  6. yeah. and you are? thanks for dropping by :)

  7. awww happy new year yana. gmbr last tu.. hurmmmm... :>

  8. happy new year too kak fa! hurmmm hurmmm hurmmm ;)


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