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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where's my dose tonight?

Extremely suck English grammar for such simple sentences are major turn-offs!  Please, let us all improve together.  LEARN EVERY TIME!  Learning is always a continuous process, it SHOULD NEVER stop.  For instance, you are still considered to be learning the art of being big fat mean annoying busy body gossip monger while gossiping because this is the time where you learn how to be a hypocrite and make up stories about people or better yet, you are actually tutoring people to do the same as you ;)  Heh.

So, learn.  English is fun, in fact, I fell in and out of love with it.  You may not be exposed to the 'English-like' environment, but at least try.  I'm not a paid editor, I'm just an arse-kisser.

Ahh, people will never stop talking and assuming.

Stop judging me based on stories you heard from people.  People suck, they lie.  They tell wonders about the person they like and made up stories about those they are not close with (or maybe due to some revengeful intention).  I'm the kind who's not afraid to speak up my mind.   But living with such mentalities refrained me from continuing to do so.  And maybe that is why I'm outcasted most of the time and hated.  It's a globalized world today!  Wake up people, you're not going to be here forever.

So, let's be friends.  If you find that I'm someone who's not worth befriended with, then leave.  Talk to me, observe me, know my personality, read me through my writings.  Do whatever you want to rate me as a person, but never ever use a shortcut:  by hearing rumors and  slanders.  I found that those who do that are stupid, easy peasy.

Pardon me, I haven't got my Red Bull dose tonight.


  1. Yeah! I too, believe that English is fun! :)

  2. guess we're on the same page. trying to improve and learn every day ;)


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