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Monday, August 8, 2011

Advanced Birthday Celebration.

This entry focuses on my niece, Nur 'Aisyah Raihana binti Muhammad Fairuz.

'Aisyah's 4th birthday will fall on Tuesday the 9th of August. Since everyone will be working & off to school & classes, we decided to celebrate her birthday in advance yesterday, after Tarawih :)

Special thanks to Mak for the cake sponsor & the awesome family members for their cooperation & cool ideas!  And not to forget Kak Norazrina Ismail for the wonderful cake :D

Enjoy the photos (pardon me, they are not in chronological order - too lazy to rearrange).  I've uploaded more on my Facebook account but only open for members of my friend list.

Rainbow cake - Flavor: Butter cake with strawberry cream cheese filling - Theme: Up movie.

'Aisyah on icing.

Our birthday girl blowing out her candles.

"Oh my, her head's gone!"  T_T

"Ini sangat sedap.  Mari makan"

Lepak-lepak with Adik 'Ain lepas makan.

Potong kek dengan Abah.

'Aisyah, in front of her home ;p

Om nom nom nom.  Gigit kaki sendiri.  Hehe

Kakak adik macam sebaya.  Muahaha
So, that was all.  Thanks for reading / viewing!  :)



  1. YA ALLAH...sedapnya tgk kek tu time2 puasa ni..hehe

  2. hey abg edy! thanks sudi jenguk2 :) a'ah, memang sedap sangat! tahan ye, ehehe


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