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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Books. I Love Books

Not sure if most of you are aware of this; I love to read.  I love reading, especially those written in my second language, English.  Not to say that my native language is of no importance to me.  It's just that I found English wonderful & erm, more readable?  Ha ha -_-"  Ok, that's awkward.

English materials usually sound more professional.  More informative.  More straightforward.  Most are easier to digest.  To be understood.  To be learned.  But I can assure you, not all of them.  There are only certain types that meet my likings.  I don't read thick novels usually turned into movies:  Harry Potter & Twilight Saga to name some.  I don't read ghost stories; waste of time.  Should have summon them if I want, in which, I won't!  Eheh.

Some Malay novels written by experienced novelist are good too.  The only problem I have with Malay novels are the choice or use of words.  Maybe it's just not our nature to be so jiwang-jiwang cair-cair tangkap leleh & all that.  Newcomers usually suck in their writing!  Pardon me.  They thought they delivered nice stories that the readers could relate to their lives especially teenagers today when they actually shouldn't.  Such reading materials would only distort readers' thinking.  They're still trapped in the 'safe' zone.  NOT ALL BUT MOST of the characters created in the novels also picture inappropriate morale for us Muslims.  I know you know what I mean.  And now don't make me start on Malay dramas / movies (even though I do watch some of them & regret later *sigh*), as well as their songs.  You'll get the gist by watching these two videos:

Don't you just love this guy? ;D

Ok, my point here is that I just want to share my passion for reading English books / novels.  However, my passion has been hindered by my financial situation.  I spend most on foods, clothes, shawls, foods, aa foods, erm what else, foods.  Yes, mostly on foods!  Shame on me *sob sob*

*yums*  Source:  The Star Online.

My favorite author would be Mitch Albom & Cecelia Ahern!  :)  I haven't read all of their writings but insyaAllah with time & money, I will.  Can't describe the reasons for my favor in them, you should try read their novels.  Magnifico ^^ .  Been reading Ahern's since high school.  Currently reading The Gift by Ahern since, I don't know, a year ago?  Not that it's not interesting.  Time constraint, time!  Eheh :">  Got a new book as a gift from my brother, Fairuz entitled Bookends by Jane Green.  Haven't read any of her works, so I should try when I have the chance.  The semester break perhaps -___-"  *long sighhhhhh*

Got my eyes on these since forever!  T_T  Don't have enough money allocated for them.  Too bad :(

Latest by her.
Not even sure whether
it's distributed in Malaysia.
The title says it all!
I shall buy it tomorrow!  ;p

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