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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adoring him :)

Haaaa, siapa siapa? ;p

It's my brother lah. Lelaki cool.
If you are reading this, I am not trying to bodek you or anything ok!

Few years back I didn't really respect him, seriously. He is like a troublemaker & a very very selfish snobbish kerek guy. I can say that i hate him a little. Jahat ke eh?

Today, he proved me he is a better person. He made my parents proud when he's in dip.
He is much sweeter & i love his attitude now better than before. Plus, I'm proud to have him as a brother sebab dia gila comel :D (and also other brothers juge).

Somehow he's my hero, eventhough he never saves me from anything (why am I crying?!)
I love him & every other siblings so much. (f**k, seriously. air mata jejeh)

So... Take a look at these masterpieces of his HAHA. I love them


My friend said this is cool. Yeah, it is. And I'm the advisor ! HAHA.
Btw, I still think your earth tu bujur ;p


His voice is nice. Bunyi gitar kuat sangat la. He is so cute especially masa dah kat ending part tu, lupa lirik ka? Muka lucu. You can be a great vocalist you know.
& oh, while watching that video, again I cried. I don't know why. Because I miss you or just missing my bedroom (which you live in w/o my permission, thank you very much!)

This is it, goodbye.


  1. awww sejak bile kau jd giler sweet ni? *blushie blushie*
    mesti abang kau yg sekarang curik bilik kau tu aja ahahahaha
    thank you :) n i hope u dont mind bout the room

  2. hahaha gila sweet kau sygg abg gila2 haha aku tkkn mngaku syg abg :P

  3. paiz - hehe. ye lah, dnt mind lah. tp nxt week aku blk mntak clear la ;p

    sara - haha hadi? xpyh la syg lol


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