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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Online ! :D

Assalamualaikum. Hye. Helo.



I am finally online ! HOORAY. With the money provided by my parents, i am renting (is it renting as in sewa? gosh, my english makin sucks) my friend's broadband, thanks miss ain :)

Ok, so here it goes. On 29th Dec '07, i went back to Dungun for the new semester. This is my 2nd semester yet i still cried when my parents left after sending me to my college namely Kolej Kapas. The college is okay, the toilet's nice and the room's size is just perfect (i think).

My roomates are;
Nurul Izati Azam (kak long) - DCA,
Nurul Akma binti Embong (nurul) - DCA &
Fatin Dalila binti Abdul Rani (del) - DOMT.
Yeah, two of them are culinarians ! And they have 3 different days in kitchen. Dapat lah makan banyak2 hihi. And they'll be learning PASTRY and western. Gilaaaaa sedap dua2.

We don't have much class these few weeks. Lecturers banyak kerja lah, cancel this and that. So, i have so much free times. Tapi gila
boring sangap tatau apa nak buat. So today i decided to sewa broadband ni.

Gila seronok dapat online. Tapi dah online ta ingat nak buat apa, HAHA. Oh oh, tau x... Past few days kan, i always feel like crying. Rindu family sokmo.. I always wonder what my nephew & nieces are doing. Tengok gambar diorang je I nangis. That's a bit pathetic kan? But that's me :(

I told my mum bout this. Dia x suka la I mcm tu. Risau. She said maybe it's just because I have too much free time, tak busy lagi dengan kerja2 & all. Itu lah asyik fikir rumah je. I guess she's right. And kt sini pun banyak cerita menakutkan & masalah friends.
*sigh* so highschool~~

Oh well, nothing much to write. Takut bebel lebih orang tak baca pun. So, thnx for reading :D

Here are some pictures of my 2nd home :(

KP 119 :)

My table :D

Ini je yg sempat upload. Tried many times asyik error, so malas lah >.<


  1. sewe camne tu? seminit seposen?
    bawak la roomies kau dtg umah bile2 free.
    bole aku ajak member2 aku dtg pastu makan grand2 hahaha

  2. ciss ade broadband?haha jeless rumah sewa yo pun takdaaak

  3. paiz - gle murah. spe nk sewekan cmtu weh? haha. oh ko nk ajk nini ka? ;p

    yo - ala yo cc byk, g aja


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