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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the one and only reason why I dislike being home; laziness.
Golek golek saja jadi manusia tak berguna.

Hai! Yes, I'm home :) In Shah Alam. Where I should always be. Have been stranded in Dungun for more than a month since the last holiday.

Here's the thing. I arrived in/at Shah Alam as the clock showed the time was almost 12 noon. My daddy arrived at Dungun to pick me up around 6 IN THE MORNING! Isn't he the coolest dad ever? ;)

He drove all the way from Shah Alam to Dungun and back to Shah Alam again and we only stopped several times for toilet. Later at 2 pm daddy went to his office and still hasn't return. Wow, he is cool and tough at the same time! :D Daddy, I love you!! *tettt off topic*

Ok. Erm. Because of the long journey, my body is still sore and tired from sitting in the car for too long. Plus my neck aches since I sleep very very very very senget towards my dad sampai dia kena tolak my head. God, that was embarrassing! Eventhough he IS my dad, but still.. Dyda witnessed the whole incident since she was at the backsit. I'll kill you Dyda! HAHA *tettt tettt tettt lagi*

Don't bluff. Hmm what about it. Ok. I'm very tired and SLEEPY. I wasn't lying when I told my mum I need a sleep thus I send my beloved niece, Nur 'Aisyah Raihana back downstairs so that I can sleep soundly katanya. But since I'm home, and sangap for internet, and we have wireless internet connection, and I have my own laptop and etc. etc., I've used the entire evening (around 4 up till now) to surf the internet. HAHA. Now I feel guilty because I didn't help my mum in handling the active rascal ('Aisyah) or any other chores. I even still haven't wash my mangkuk for bubur pulut hitam yet. That means I lied to my mum, ADUYAI! Just now around 7.15 pm my mum called my cell to wake me up because she thought I was sleeping!

Sorry mak! Ampun.. Now padan muka diri sendiri. I'm still tired, got lots of assignments to do, bilik sepah macam hanj, toilet kotor licin jatuh boleh mati.

The moral of the story is; don't bluff/lie/dan yang sewaktu dengannya. To your mum especially! Lalala.

Ps. Surf the internet = Myspace-ing, blogging, online window shopping, music downloading.


  1. kena kasik tau kat mak URL blog ni..

  2. babe, bagus bagus. jom kita lepak jalan2 dgn Azima jom. huhu ;p

  3. ok, btw, darah apa pulak tu? period ke? haha

    haha mak dh tau url blog ni. tp mak kate xreti bkk, alhamdulillah. hehe

    haha ttbe, apa kaitan g lepak ni?
    let's babe! going out with azima 2mrrw.
    darah tu from my hand, ari tu kne cocok msuk air. haha, byk pnyakit tul i ni

  5. klu mak xreti bkk nnt ak pggl mak tgk kt lptop ak

  6. 6 pagi! wah, rajin sungguh ayah kau. Aku mahu ayah kau, boleh?;)


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