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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yeay me for finally manage to steal some time for my beloved blog!
Life has been hectic.  A lot of changes happened I tell you

We are already at the end of March but I don't even remember when did March came :/
I kinda miss home, but not that much and I haven't cried just yet for my mummy.

Well.  At least I'm not talking bad about my friends to my mummy, heh.
Oh wait, this is SO NOT COOL.  I'm not here to ramble and rant about how people increasingly loves to be stupid & pitiful!  HAHA.  Pity them, haiyaaa

It is quite a loss for me for not being home in this third month of the year.
Majority number of my family members celebrate their birthday in this month!  -__-"

10th March
- Muhammad Fairuz (Uda)
- Noor Asmah (Kak As)
These two are husband and wife ok.

22nd March
- Yohanis David (Alang's Partner)

23rd March
- Muhammad Faruq (Abang)

24th March
- Mohd Zul Azmi (Angah)

I want some yummy cakes!  Wuuu T_T
Ok, so Happy Birthday to all of them especially to Angah whose birthday is today!  Yeaaaay

So, let's view part of my hectic life schedule for this week and next shall we?  Bahaha (this laugh is getting up my nerve)

22nd March (Monday) - done
- BEL 402:  Test 1

23rd March (Tuesday) - done
- OSM 453:  Group Presentation on Records Interview

25th March (Thursday)
- OSM 454:  Submit Mailing List Assignment before 4pm
- ACC 418:  Quiz 2 (gahhh, killer >.<)

27th March (Saturday)
- BiOSM:  Karnival Sukan Rakyat

28th March (Sunday)
- OSM 454:  Quiz 2
- OSM 404:  Quiz 2

29th March (Monday)
- OSM 453:  Quiz 2

30th March (Tuesday)
- ECO 415:  Submit Case Study Assignment
- ECO 415:  Quiz 2

So that's it FOR NOW I guess.  Tsk tsk :'(
But NO NO!  Am not complaining.  It's a student life

And these are only minor challenges Allah gives me.
There's still a lot to come in this life.
I'll never stop praying for my success and everybody else's in this life and the hereafter.

Learn to be thankful folks!

My mum is better than your mum! (emosi sebentar)
She's older and experienced many in this life than yours.
She brought up 12 of us you know!  TWELVE!  Not just three or five or seven but twelve.. 
She's even taking care of my nieces now.

I'll try to be strong like you mummy, the strongest woman I've ever known :')
I love you.
Now I'm missing her so bad.
Ayah, please take care of mum.  I need you guys in every step I am going to take

Gahh.  I'm off now to the toilet!
Yes, my stomach can rarely tolerate breakfast.
Even though they are just 3-in-1 Nescafe and Tiger Biscuit aummmm!

Till then!  xoxo


  1. Saya rasa nak balik ke kehidupan student. Dem..

  2. sem depan teruslah sambung untuk ke bachelor pula. selamat maju jaya

  3. eh..bezday kak yo sama dengan abg saya !

  4. oh ya lah. tapi saya lupa wish abg awk -_-"

  5. la....ko pon amek ECO415 gak??
    aku da amek sem lepas :) seronokkkk :) i like :)

  6. hahaha. kau mesti A+++++ kannnn?
    tu ah, mcm best jugak. lecturer aku pulak tu cooool gilaa baik lek je bg markah free ke pape hahahaha


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