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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Does It Feel?

As I'm tapping this very keyboard in front of me, I am still in my prayer's attire as in the telekung.
I can't seem to find why I feel so miserable today.

I had a great deal of fun last night at the Annual Grand Dinner of BiOSM :)
So feel free to view the pictures and comment if you're in my friend list ;)  Thank you.
Here's the link to the photo album in Facebook.  CLICK HERE

I haven't been contacted for approximately 3 to 4 days.
I wonder why does this happen.  Have I done something wrong?  Or is it just another period of 'out-of-credit'?
I'm going through this alone, don't you think?  So it's okay if you think that I'm too busy for you but please, never entirely opt me out from your everyday life please!
Would it hurt if you send me even one good night text message?
Instead, I receive that wish from some other guy whom I'm not even interested in.
He's fine, yeahh.  In a lot of ways.  But I'm still with you, can't you see?

I know you can always get rumors from friends of yours telling I did this and that on the web.  Rant about multiple stuffs regarding you in my blog, but you never come straight up to me.  Why?
Do you hate me that much?  Yes I know we hold the principle that it's okay not to contact each other once in a while, but I still need you.

Call me a cheater because I am currently interested in my senior.  Not currently actually
I had a crush on him since last year if you can recall.  I'm sorry
But I think it's fine.  Because he's already taken.  Just like how my status is SUPPOSED TO BE


  1. idk this is about long distance or just about us. thinking about this sure makes me grumpy & emotionally disturbed

  2. ure still young.tukar la jd open relationship? wah menghasut evil yo. ]:[

  3. act open rlationship tu macamana eh? *innocent*

  4. wahaha..i dunnola yana. relationship sposed to make u feel content, no? [who am i to talk? the ever so drama queen huu].

    so if ure not happy with the current one..u know what to do kan.. if ure content than all's good!

    tgh pk nak post ke tak comment ni. ishkk yo pun tak tau. just be happy :). not worth sedih dkat org yg tak sedih


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