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Monday, March 29, 2010

Heart Attack

Just a quick update, hehe.
Got a quiz tonight and no one actually knows what to read because no one actually understands what we have learnt!  Hahaha

So here it goes.  I updated my status on my Facebook wall last night :)
And written this:

Oh well as you can see, my little sister Nur 'Aliyah Fathinah and a friend of mine, Shasha Shaharaman liked and commented on the status.

Guess who's the other person who liked my status?

- - - - - - - - -


Yes, it's my father.
Now I'm going to cancel my Facebook account for gewwwd T_T

Oh and he even monitored my wall posts!
He asked emak who's Safwan (a friend of mine who posts a lot of craps on my wall -__-")

It's okaaaay.
I loveeee you dad.  Hahaha gahh


  1. welcome to the family club!! -___________-
    even blog posts pon i have to warn them everythings ok.

  2. har har har -___-"
    warn them as in?

  3. bgtau awal2 yo oke apa sume entry tu bukan psl yo padhal mmg psl yo haha..malas kalau diaorg tanye2..yo jenis tak becerita sgt haha

  4. ak ah.member aku yg free hair tengah tu.ko ni tau je kan??hehe.

  5. azam kurus ke??ko tak nampak perut die smakin kelihatan??muscle2 kat tangan die pun dah makin lembek..tak hawt dah..ahak3..

  6. azam lose weight ke??ko tak nampak ke perot die smakin kelihatan??muscle kat tangan die pun dah tak keras mcm dulu..dah tak hawt dah..haha..


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