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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gambar bercerita.

It was a day before our last paper for this semester.
Thought of having big meal for dinner.

I was hungry . . . .

so  . . . . yeah,

And these are only a quarter of our meal.  Teehee :">

Our last paper was on Thursday, 11th Nov 2010.  
Decided to go home on the same day, so yeah . . my lovely brother came all the way from Shah Alam to Dungun on a bus so that he can drive my car home.
I gave it a try; drove approximately for 3 hours from Dungun to Gambang.  Bad weather I tell ya, major adrenaline rush while driving.  Kept cool, Alhamdulillah managed to reach Gambang safely to finally switch roles with Andak.

Scratch the ugliness.  Taken during a congestion somewhere even before Cherating.

This picture was also taken during the loooooong congestion  -___-"  He surely love that woman on the cover, sheesh~
Here's the lovely brother, Fadhli Yunus

Thanks to him I'm currently enjoying my semester break at home :)

Ahh.  I'm just so lucky to have such lovely family & beloved ones ;)  You know who you are


Hanya yang konstruktif dan membina.

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