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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sakit mata.

I fetched my brother who is currently sitting for his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination for 2 days now.  I saw quite a scenery.  It's so disturbing to see kids of 17 years old enjoy smoking that much.  Yes I am aware that youngsters these days have started smoking as early as 11 or even prior to that age.  My 15 years old brother is also a heavy smoker.  It is sickening and saddening at the same time. 

Those kids I saw laughed hysterically (figuratively) as they lit up their cigs as soon as they were out of the school territories.  Can smoking really get you out of your stress, or are they just plain stupid?  They were still wearing their uniforms complete with school badges, name tags & ties, with SPM schedule in one hand plus the question paper as they sucked in all of the poisons into their lungs.

Sekadar hiasan.

There's no doubt that it's their parents' money they are wasting for such pointless item.  Maybe they will only consider stop smoking once they need to start take full responsibilities of their life mainly regarding their finance.  Or maybe not?

Whatever it is, the adverts of the implications of smoking maybe didn't work as much or just like I questioned, there is possibility that those smokers are just plain stupid.

Failed to convey the message?

This is sad.  We are gradually losing effective leaders of tomorrow.  But wait, isn't cigarette illicit in Islam?  Oh well, we have been told.  The famous saying really applies, "Your life, your choice".  For all I see, these kids haven't made the wise decision.

Ps.  One of the button on my keyboard is functioning improperly, it irritates me.  And oh, all the best for my precious reliable brother (Muhammad Firdaus) for the remaining papers!


  1. lain kali kau langgar je dorang tu dee.... bila tnya cakap la cepat skt dorg mamPOST en.. xde susah mak bapak xde bazir duit mak bapak beli rokok.. nnt duit kain kapan mntak mak pak gak tu... huhu

  2. ish. evil gila kau -_-" tapi seram ok sampai mintak mak bapak duit kapan haha

  3. hahaha btl la dee... aku ni sensitip skit bab rokok.. mmg anti gila babi... punca aku gado besar dgn ex aku rokok la.. ayat yg sme aku sound ex aku dulu.. mati nnt susahkn mak pak nk beli kain kapan kapas suma.. ^__^ ehehehe

  4. haa nasib baik dah tak jadi dgn dia ;p

  5. nasib baik la gak... tp skg ni dia dh mcm best friend aku! hehe siap ada dlam sibling list aku lg dee...


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