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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



It's his first giveaway & also my first in entering a blogger's contest.
Knew about this GA (the short form my friend mentioned) from my childhood bestfriend Ain Syazwani (yeah, her) who I found is currently head over heels with the blogging world.  Hoho

Don't mind me.  Am not a famous blogger.  This blog is mostly filled with my rantings & stuffs.

This participation is mainly for fun, but can't lie that I do have the desperation to win the sketchbook for my boyfriend whom I believe is of non-existence now.  He's just too ignorant & selfish I must say.  Blah blah blah~~

So let's win this for myself then!  Pfftt~

Anywaaaaays, I have successfully fulfill the contest's terms & regulations.
Pray for me to win this, Amin.  Goodbye then!  :)


Hanya yang konstruktif dan membina.

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