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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So . . . .
I must admit that my current lifestyle is waaaaaaay too unhealthy. 
I eat too much, shouts a lot, no exercises, none outings planned, bad sleeping routine etc. etc. just name it.

I need to be more productive.
But somehow, even when I'm always thinking about making change,
I'll still end up looking like this:

Fake fake fake -_-"

Lazy looking, paled skin, unhealthy woman wearing perfectly fake smile with sad & swollen pair of eyes.

Luckily the nose bleeds stopped.
Or else I may end up looking like a horrible fat zombie >.<

Yeay!  You stopped!  For good, I hope.

Till then :)  Pray I'll find something better to do, instead of just moaning all day long.


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