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Friday, May 20, 2011

By day ?

Nothing can prove how unhealthy and boring my life is other than the fact that I eat due to boredom & sleep 'cause I got (read:  WANT) nothing else better to do.

Well at least that's after I refused to mention about my mood swings & thinking what the heck, I got nothing to lose if I just tell anyway !

Ergh, this is boring !  And I can't stop myself from blaming the swings.  My throat hurt due to constant coughing I guess.  It's killing me even to swallow plain water.  Minor nose bleed occurred earlier this evening, really hates the smell of blood these days.  Not that I've always loved it before, but . . . you got me, don't ya?  Whatever.

Thought of starting a healthy diet but failed in every try.  I almost cried seeing my pictures 1 to 4 years back.  If I felt over sized back then, so what am I now?  A humongous monster?!  T_T

I had Nasi Beriyani + Ayam Madu from Restoran Khalifah for lunch today.  So I thought it should last until tomorrow (eheh, which I, myself doubt) & I'll just eat something light (read:  LESS CARB) for dinner.  That's only what I THOUGHT.  I got hungry by 10 p.m. & also was too bored & couldn't find something more beneficial of my interest to do.

So, I decided to eat by first, raiding the kitchen !

- - - - - - - - - -

I want you to know that I had the most sincere intention.  I reminded myself constantly of my target to lose some weight.  That's good right?  At least sincere & good intentions count.

However, my Sir Y messed up my mood for he couldn't leave early yet AGAIN from his office today.  Most likely would spend another one of his nights sleeping (read:  NAPPING) in his office, precisely only in his small workstation.  Not that he would come home to me anyway, but still, it would be nice to talk on the phone getting ready for bed at the same time.

Nevermind that.  All I am trying to say, my mood swung abruptly because of that.  Drama queen much?  Yeah, I know.  Teehee~  Went into the kitchen & found mum doing some cleaning.  She told me there are still a number of polystyrene of Nasi Beriyani left & just as you can tell, I ate it.

Not in full portion but yes, I ate it.
Not that I felt good about it but yes, I ate it.

Some time after 10, I ate high carb food & screwed my so-planned healthy diet.  It's not like I was THAT hungry !  If you know what I mean.  I was just feeling like eating something good, something to chew on just to pass the time.  Instead of spreading some mixed fruit jam on the bread, I chose to be fat & eat the Nasi Beriyani.  And no, I don't need anyone else to remind me how fat I got by day, I can tell that to my self.  How pathetic.

Nasi Beriyani with Ayam Madu & Sirap Cincau.

Apple for dessert. 

Please someone hire me with good pay !  Pleaseeee, I promise I'll work hard :(
I don't wanna rot obese-ly at home !  I wanna have some good office work related experiences.

I don't wanna be the lazy-ass, fat me ever again !  Please >.<

Ps.  I even wrote this entry due to boredom & planned its contents while I was having dinner with Home Alone 2 on.


  1. nanti kite jogjogjog kalau sempat k?tringin nak g bt cerakah. igt nk ajak alang ajak korang before anjang sambung blaja tp tatau bile.yana try cut down on manis drinks as a start pun takpe. slow2

  2. ye ye insyaAllah :D tp yana kadang2 lari gk kat treadmill kjp2 ;p bukit cerakah ada anything interesting lg ke? hmm hmm i'll try


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