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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sickness

I went to see the doctor earlier this evening. It was due to my prolonged or the doc kept calling it redundant skin disease. As far as i remember, it has been more than 2 months since i got this disease BACK/AGAIN (yeah, i've dealed with this thing before - mybe a year back)

In the late of November, i've seek a treatment from my doctor, Syed (he's a good one - try Poliklinik Hikmah @ Sec 7 :P). I was informed that my skin disease is called ECZYMA (haha sounds like Azima) and not as what i thought, SCABBIES. I was given 'ubat sapu' n antibiotics bcause my doc said it was a very bad skin condition. It looked like this:
This was the view of my beloved right calf :'(

During the period of which i'm taking my antibiotics, my skin is getting better. But i've finished my medication and yet they are not fully recovered. Or maybe they are getting even WORSE ! My mum's very worried since i'll be starting my new semester soon enough so she brought me along with my 'also sick with skin disease brother', Farid. So the doc gave me whole new types of medication. He looked stressed while he was thinking about my disease and the cure, HAHA. Maybe it's a new one, and I AM GONNA BE FAMOUS ! Lol :P Bodohnya.. No lah, kalau sakit bawak mati sia2 je >.< style="font-size:78%;">jaga makan and all *sigh* He even said we should rebus our bedsheets, haiyo

Better take care of your health
if you don't want to end up ugly like me -_-"

My left hand >.<

My right calf, worse :'(

Disgusting looking right foot palm.

This one is close to my right heel.

Err.. Which ugly part is this? Ouwhh... It's just my face -_-"



  1. dyana oii!
    muke pout tuh paling ugly. i dont care bout ur skin! i still love u. hahaah

  2. tu bkn pout duh ! haha jgn la perli aku
    i love u too

  3. omg.... kesian sakit AZIMA ni :)

  4. yeahh eczyma adik aku pun ada. kesian korg, get well soon :)

  5. tu la psl. azima mmg kejam LOL
    orait, thnx sara :)

  6. rahsia keluarga jgn cte kt org

  7. kau nyer tgh ganas la ni. aku skarang cam da ok sket. dulu ade la dlm 3 tahon dier ganas. tp xpe. kalau da hensem tetap hensem wakakakakak

  8. haha mslhnye dh lame doh dia mggns.
    kau pnye kat tmpt trsmbunyi weh, mmg la kkl hensem


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