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Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's already 20 minutes past 2 in the morning & i'm still not sleepy :)
Found this survey at myspace, posted by Siti Nur Aqila.
Thanks for that girl :D
Sangat membantu menghilangkan kebosanan & menyedarkan saya betapa beruntungnya dilahirkan dalam keluarga ini & betapa bahagianya keluarga saya HAHA ;p

How many biological siblings to you have?

including me, 12 - TWELVE - DUA BELAS :D

How many Step/Adopted Siblings do you have?

Are they older or younger than you?

What number sibling are you?
8th :)

Are any of them married?
tiga orang.

Do any of them have children?
tiga anak.

Where does everyone live?
shah alam, putrajaya, cheras ;)

Do you get along with your siblings?
OK :)

How many brothers do you have?
NINE ;) tatipu

How many sisters do you have?
dua saja

Do you ever wish you were an only child?
tak pernah !

Do you ever wish you could 'delete' one of your siblings?
dulu dulu lah ;p sorry weh, HAHA

What are your sisters' names?
nurhanis & nur 'aliyah fathinah.

What are your brothers' names?
muhammad faruq
muhammad fairuz
muhammad fadhli
muhammad fikri
muhammad faiz
muhammad farid
muhammad firdaus
muhammad fauzi
muhammad fahmi

Who has the nicest vehicle? What is it?
andak, sebab ada ngv HAHAHA

Do your siblings love you?
ntah, korang korang sayang aku tak?

Can you call them when you need something?
yes :D

Do they remember your birthday?
aku rasa tak, most of them kejam HAHA

Did you play together when you were little?

What mean things would you do to each other?

What is your favorite sibling memory?

Did you have to share a bedroom?

Did you share clothes?
pernah :)

Did you look up to any of your siblings?

Did you feel your siblings didn't like you?
mesti la, diorg slalu panggil aku gemuk gedik HAHA dan kata kata kasar yang sama waktu dengannya

Do you look like your siblings?
tak berapa

Do you have a favorite sibling?

Do you remember their birthdays?

Do you hang out with them still?
yes. everyday for the past month

Did you go to school together?
yes :)

Did you fight each other?

Are you happy you have siblings?
sangat sangat, sayang korang weh ;D

Will be back in Dungun on Monday. Sure will miss all of them :') Thanks abang abang, kakak & adik adikku (& my parents & my in-laws & oh oh my nephew 'n nieces) <3


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