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Friday, December 19, 2008

Past & Present :D

Comparison. Sorry Ayah and my beloved brothers (Fadhli, Fikri, Faiz, Farid). Just doing it for fun :) and as a cure for the bore. Past and Present :D

This is my dad, Md Yunus Md Said :D The old picture is a painting ke sketching (sry, idk) by my daddy's friend. Nothing really changed right? :)

Ini Muhammad Fikri :D Muka tak banyak berubah, tapi rambut dulu dia tatahaaaaaannn ;p

Muhammad Faiz :D
Look at him ! WAS so adorable & innocent looking ;p
Mulut pout, HAHA.
Present; Handsome looking guy.

The name is Muhammad Farid :D

So cute with his round neck T & round glasses ;)
Grown up to be a handsome, sensitive guy -_-"

So, there u go. I always love all of them so much, seriously guys :)

Haaa.. At least my boredom is gone :P



    best gle ada abang. I takde pung. ;(

  2. haha, i know right? comel gle sume ;p

  3. mesti ko puji sbb ko tau ak akn bc kn

  4. ceh nak cari abang mana pulak? wtf la u. xp

  5. uish serious crap same la!!
    kcuali fad
    sy jeles xde abg T_T

  6. paiz - comel gle doh kau, hahahaha

    aisyah - haha ntah ah

    mira - sy jeles xde hanif ;p


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