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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Semester's Final Examination Result :)

The result's out ! I've managed to get through the site after zillions of times trying. Actually, i checked my friends' results first before mine. I dnt knw why i did that, maybe just to ease my stress a lil bit.

As soon as my result slip popped out, i cried with laughter :) God, i was so damn happy. It was a really great feeling. Yeah, like Raizulan said: "
at last terubat gak la skit luke spm" HAHA. that's so true.

Whatever it is, grace upon Allah s.w.t for this remarkable result (is remarkable appropriate?). Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat2. To my parents and those
people who have always supported me, Cik, Makcik Sham, AZAM shahrom, & relatives. Ok, so now here's my result in detail :D

Click la to enlarge it ! (duhh... -_-")

My gpa is 3.97 :) I love it. To my very special beloved friend, Fatin Nabilah, congrats for your result too. Oh oh, and my brothers (Farid and Fick) also got good results. All three of us managed to get into the Dean's List. Thanks mum and dad. My friends, the great lecturers :D

I really really hope i can maintain this result, or maybe try to get a 4 flat. I sure will try ;) Goodluck to everyone. Tke care


  1. oit.congrats.jmpe gak dee ade blog. =)

  2. kau memang budak pandai dari dulu. therefore, i hate you. sekian :p

  3. okay aku bru je jmpe blog kau dan dengan gembiranya nk bce lah bebelan kau. tbe2 aku nmpk post psl results kau then tbe2 aku cm dh tkde mood sbb tgk results kau. aku benci kau. dh mcm boleh kira 4 flat dh tu. serious aku jeles. aku tk ske kau. cngrts btw. hahaha

  4. wani - hai. haha thnx :)

    azima - wah, jujurnya kamu ini

    sara - haha spupu dua2 same je nk bnci2 org ;p ok, thnx :D

  5. OMG hebat gle u. *sembah* haha

    *enlarge pic*

    eh babi kau dapat A TOA mmg takleh dapat A shit benci kau. and yeay, dee ada blog. tapi cam.. ugh. 3.97, takpe, kau kawan, aku bahagia utk kau.

  6. wait2. aku lemah sket, A TOA? mksud? haha thnx

  7. power giler result kau siaall.. aku turut bangge dan hepi. tahniah

  8. kau lg hebat kot dlu, 4 flat aja -_-"

  9. aku x pnah dpt 4 flat. cite dongeng sahaja

  10. oi mai gwad!!!
    tak ley kawan... kamo hebat GILE!

    :)tahniah! *walaupun dah tau, skang br tau results sebenar. ngeh2*

  11. TO FAFA:
    haha poyo aja :) thnx btw


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