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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I never talked about this but it suddenly popped in my mind.
My brother saved this image as 'terbaek' (bodo punya orang)
Yeah, it said "Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 6/2009". Oh i will be in the 3rd group by the way

WTF? Tahniah? Gila aku nak pergi plkn tu.

Well, whatever it is i'll take care of this matter. How on earth can i join this thing if i'm already in university. Doesn't make sense lah, check la dulu.

So, i'll fill this exception form with my medical records approved by my aunt who happens to be a doctor :D & send it in. Yeay ! Problem solved (i hope)

Oh medical records? Yeah, i have asthma since i was 6 maybe. My dad doesn't really seem to be happy with the fact that i'm chosen. He kept asking me when am i gonna settle all the plkn stuffs.

While my mum, she said, "
Kalau dapat kat sarawak yana pergi la, boleh naek kapal terbang *laughs*" Well that's my mum, she can be cute & evil at the same time -_-"

The conclusion is,
I will not be going ! Sorry Menteri Pertahanan (or whoever in charge), you just lost yourself a great fighter *bahaha*



  1. best gle. bodoh gle mcm2 lak aku kne wat

  2. heh, lelaki misteri, kau spe?
    anonymous? so UNCOOL!

    wani - yup, siri 6 kumpulan 3

  3. hahahahaha. gila cerita last yer.
    oh well, ur not goin anyways. =D

    btw, sape laki misteri bongok takde kote tu?

  4. paiz - haha mcm kau pergi aje

    aisyah - yup, xkan pergi. mntak2 sume ok lah nnt. haha i rs laki tu my bro lah

  5. heh? PLKN... =="
    it's too long to give out the letter lagipun... u dah nak grad. (hehehehe)

  6. wlaupn dh slalu tgk,ttp rsa bnci..


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